The Baruch Executive Presentation Institute

The Baruch Executive Presentation Institute (BEPI) has been created to offer new programs that combine the best university thinking on speaking and persuasion with hard-headed corporate experience of what works-and what doesn’t-in high-stakes corporate presentations.

Our premiere course is Persuading Audiences.  It is a four week program focused on the theory and practice of swaying audiences. With no more than 15 participants, every session is a combination of personal coaching and group feedback, and each participant will hone a real-world presentation over the course of the four weeks.

Co-created by the senior leadership of Baruch College's School of Public Affairs and VShift, a strategic communications firm, the Baruch Executive Presentation Institute is the culmination of over seven years of development and over 30 years of practice for its two co-developers.


About the Institute

Graduate Degrees

Combining theory and practice with over 30 years experience, the goal of the Baruch Executive Presentation Institute is to offer students practice and expert coaching to identify the specific aptitudes and deficits of enormously talented people who need to find their own voices.more

Persuading Audiences

Executive Programs

Our program offers a small cohort of the right corporate executives. The lessons learned in this program will give future leaders and executives the tools and fundamental skills to continue to improve through his or her career.more

Who Should Attend?

Undergraduate Programs

We welcome those who seek a hands-on chance to work with seasoned professionals to make the big step to becoming compelling presenters who can demand respect and attention from their busy, distracted audience.more

Program Dates and Tuition

Certificate Programs

For more information, please click here.more


How to Apply

Leadership ProgramsWe look forward to hearing from you and welcome any questions. Please contact Angelina Delgadomore


Other Services

Our Advisors

After the program, we will offer one-on-one coaching sessions.more

Request Information

Our Instructors

Leadership ProgramsHave more questions click here.more

Leadership ProgramsThe Institute will be delivered by leading academics and practitioners in the field with over 30 years experience.more

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