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Welcome to the School of Public Affairs at Baruch College.

The Dean

Consider these pages your invitation to join us. Throughout, you’ll find an overview of our legacy, our interdisciplinary approach, and our commitment to preparing the next generation of leaders for the public and nonprofit sectors.

You’ll also get a sense of what drives us every day—the real-world challenges we undertake and the connections we cultivate across the broad campus that is New York City.

Beyond the scholarship and research, and beyond the management and analytical skills they gain, students choose to attend the School of Public Affairs for a range of reasons: diversity, flexibility, affordability, accessibility, dialogue, and community.

Students come here to be engaged, to interact, and to join our team-based approach to tackling the most critical issues of our time—from poverty and homelessness to urban education. They leave humbled by the scope of work to be done, inspired to do it, and fully prepared to advance bold ideas as well as their careers.

We wouldn’t have it any other way. For, at the School of Public Affairs, we are committed to exploring and expanding the relationships between theory and practice. We encourage everyone—professors and students alike—to bring their professional experiences directly into the classroom. Our research centers answer tough questions. Our panels, conferences, and symposia involve civic leaders, spur dialogues and inspire bold new ideas.

A career in public service has never been more relevant. Or, more necessary. Social change is accelerating at an incredible pace. Our society is becoming increasingly more global and more diverse. Governments, nonprofits and educational institutions are being challenged by limited resources and generational shifts in leadership. New technologies are raising questions and creating opportunities.

If you are looking to prepare for a public leadership career at this exciting time, look no further; this is the place.

We hope to welcome you here soon.

Best wishes,

David S. Birdsell,
Dean of the School of Public Affairs

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