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Pre-Freshman Summer Program: The SEEK Summer Experience

You will begin your studies at Baruch the summer before your freshman year. The SEEK Summer Experience begins in July. It is a program that will familiarize you with the college while immersing you in academic coursework. The result: SEEK students are no longer "under-prepared" in the fall. You will be equipped with the study skills you need to succeed academically and you will have developed relationships with faculty, staff and peers that will ease your transition from high school to college. Many of you will have earned college credits.

Who: All incoming freshmen. If you want to be a part of the SEEK freshman class at Baruch, you must participate in the SEEK Summer Experience.

What: A six-week program that includes academic coursework, enrichment workshops, and fieldtrips. Each day is different, with consistent components such as an academic class and math and/or writing preparation. (You will be placed in either a credit baring or immersion course, depending on the score you receive on your placement tests.)

Where: All activities take place at Baruch, with occasional field trips throughout New York City.

When: The program runs from the beginning of July through the middle of August.

Why: Because research shows that students who participate in pre-freshman summer programs stay in school longer and earn higher GPA's. Because 98% of the students who have gone through this program say that they're happy that they did, even if it mean sacrificing their summer.

Testimonials from The SEEK Summer Experience 2007 and 2008

One of the best things about this program is its ability to make students feel comfortable in college. It also encourages us to dream big and lets us know that, through hard work, we can achieve anything we want. I was invited into different social circles and ultimately it made me a better person. The SEEK Summer Experience is extremely helpful to all freshmen. It allows students to adjust to the different lifestyle that is college.
     •Sunhyun Mun, 2008

SEEK Freshmen


From Ice Breakers to learning art history, from riddles to even learning Salsa, SEEK does it all with this summer experience. Come fall term, I know that I will be prepared to tackle any obstacle. I am proud to call myself a SEEK student.
     •Victor Quiroz, 2008



Without this SEEK Summer Experience, I don't know what I would have done. It's been a sure blessing. I feel extremely confident in myself beginning school this fall. SEEK is like a safety net, one which many of us need to have a successful career here at Baruch.
     •Jessica Gil, 2008

The SEEK Program has not only allowed me to afford college, but it also has allowed me to enter college with a lot more ease because of its summer program. Not only did I get a head start at familiarizing myself with the school, but I took workshops that helped me understand better what was expected of me as a college student. In the SEEK Summer Experience, I also made a lot of friends, which made the transition from high school to college ten times easier because I was comfortable with the people around me and we all supported each other. Entering Baruch without the knowledge that I have now would be very difficult and frustrating. Most students coming into Baruch have difficulty finding their classes, getting their books, and sometimes making friends. The SEEK Program gives you a sense of security and it gives you a strong foundation going into college, and we all know you can't build anything on a weak foundation.
     •Albanelis Pena, 2007



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