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Student Organizations

Women Empowered For Success

SEEK Society

Women Empowered for Success is dedicated to uplifting, motivating and empowering young women.  Living in a very judgemental society that has placed unrealistic standards for its young girls and women, it is their mission to provide a judgement free zone where they can come together as one, dialogue and sort through issues we all face on a day to day basis.  Through workshops and events W.E.S. provides its members the tools needed to be fearless, self-motivating, confident, empowered and successful women.

Women Empowered for Success Logo

You can contact Women Empowered for Success at:



Instagram: @baruch.wes

Founder of WES/Advisor: Rebecca Quainoo & Program Coordinator: Marisol Morales

SEEK Society

SEEK Society

The SEEK Society is a student-run organization comprised of SEEK and non-SEEK students who wish to support and improve the quality of life at the college and for those in our mutual communities. The philosophy of the SEEK Society is grounded in service and the importance of giving back. For example, the society has a partner relationship with The American Red Cross, whereby a cadre of volunteers at Baruch is trained and ready for disaster relief aid. 

If you are interested in joining the SEEK Society, please contact: (646) 312-4649.


Chi Alpha Epsilon

Chi Alpha Epsilon

What is Chi Alpha Epsilon?

Chi Alpha Epsilon is a national honors society, created to highlight the academic achievements of students admitted to college through non-traditional criteria.


XAE was formed in 1989, at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Its founder, Dr. Elbert Saddler, wanted to acknowledge the success of the students in the school's Academic Development Program. There are now more than 150 chapters of XAE.


The primary purpose of XAE is to credit students with outstanding academic achievements. Its existence gives students something to strive for and turns its members into role models. In addition, the society can serve as a significant political force, promoting educational opportunity programs nationwide.

The Secret Ceremony

Every fall, new members are inducted into XAE. This induction takes place in the form of a secret ceremony--only those who have attended know what the event is really like. While no specifics can be revealed here, we can say that it is a very moving event. It is an active induction process, one that makes students feel as if they are part of something truly special and unique.

You can contact Chi Alpha Epsilon at:





55 Lexington Ave. - Newman Vertical Campus, Room 2-230
(on Lexington Ave, between 24 & 25 Streets)
New York, NY 10010
phone: 646-312-4620