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SEEK for Counselors

Dear Guidance Counselor,

This section of the SEEK website is intended to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information regarding the SEEK Program at Baruch College. 

It was prepared by the counselors in the SEEK Program at Baruch College who want to dispel several misconceptions about SEEK.  Every year we meet students who could have benefited from being a part of SEEK but did not apply due to misinformation.  We feel that our SEEK Program has a lot to offer and has remained a well kept secret for too long.  Many students could have received great benefits from the Program did not even get the opportunity to be considered as candidates. 

We trust the particulars provided here will help you advise your students.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.


Kristy Perez
Interim SEEK Director


Admissions Requirements

There are two major requirements to be accepted into SEEK. Students must be educationally and financially disadvantaged. The financial requirements are straightforward and are listed below. The academic requirements need further explanation.


Myth: SEEK Admits Only Students With Low Averages.

Each CUNY college differs with regard to its admissions standards, as do the various SEEK Programs.  As Baruch has raised its admissions standards, so has Baruch’s SEEK Program.  It is more difficult to be accepted as a SEEK student at Baruch than it is to be accepted as a non-SEEK student at some of the other senior colleges in CUNY.

According to the New York State Guidelines for Special Programs, the admissions standards for SEEK students must be lower than for regularly admitted students.  The difference, however, is not be substantial.  Thus, in 1997 the college admission average of a SEEK student was 79.0 as compared to the regularly admitted student’s average of 82.3.

It does not makes sense for the SEEK Program to abide by admissions requirements that are radically less competitive than Baruch’s-- because the standards keep increasing and a policy of no remediation has been instituted, it would be pedagogically unsound to accept students who would be unable to compete with their classmates.  SEEK would end up as a revolving door.

There are many bright students who did not live up to their academic potential in high school for a variety of reasons.  Many SEEK students, for example, had to work while going to school, others had different obstacles in their way.  They want to get their degree at Baruch but fall short of the requirements. If they have the economic eligibility that SEEK requires, they are excellent candidates for the SEEK Program. 

The following criteria can be used as a guideline when working with your students.  It represents Baruch’s admissions standards for SEEK and non-SEEK student.


Eligibility for Admission to the SEEK or CD Program

If you are a talented and motivated individual whose academic record does not reflect your full potential, and you are from a low income family, the SEEK or CD Program may be for you.

A student must meet all of the following criteria in order to be considered for admission to the SEEK or CD Program:

  • be a high school graduate or have a New York State approved General Equivalency Diploma or its equivalent;
  • have not previously attended a college or university, except in the case of students enrolled in the State University of New York's Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), or the independent colleges' Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP);
  • be a resident of New York State for SEEK admission or a resident of New York City for CD Program admission;
  • have an admissions index score that is below the cutpoint for regular admissions to a particular senior college (for SEEK admission) or have a college admissions average of less than 80 percent for admission to a community college CD Program;
  • have a family income and other available financial resources fall within guidelines established by New York State;
  • attend a pre-freshman summer session if you do not satisfy the University criteria on one or more of the University Skills Assessment Tests in Reading, Writing, or Mathematics.


Financial Requirements for SEEK Eligibility

The following is a GUIDELINE for determining economic eligibility for Special Programs. It is not a substitute for an actual eligibility assessment. Please contact the Baruch Office of Financial Aid at 646-312-1360 for more information.


For students first entering college between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016

Academic Year: 2015-2016

Number of Members in Household
(including head of household)
Total Annual
Household Income
1    $21,775


3     $37, 167
4    $44,863
5     $52,559
6     $60,255
7     $67,951
Add $7,696 for each family member in excess of 7


Important Facts About the SEEK Program at Baruch:

  1. We are proud to have one of the highest student retention rates of all SEEK Programs in CUNY.  Our retention rates exceed those of regularly admitted students at other campuses in CUNY.
  2. Our program enrollment fluctuates between 600 and 750 students.  We accept approximately 75 to a 120 SEEK freshmen yearly.
  3. We have a small student to counselor ratio. Our program has 5 full time counselors as well as part-time advisors and peer mentors who work with students.  Counseling is at the heart of our program-- we believe that the one-on-one attention a student receives can make the difference between a his staying in school or dropping out.
  4. SEEK students receive many benefits that regularly admitted students do not--extended financial aid, book money, exemption from payment of student fees, preparatory courses, a summer experience etc.. Please read our brochure for more details.
  5. Our program has its own tutoring program which provides various forms of academic support –individual and small group tutoring, labs, supplemental instruction and workshops tailored to students' needs.
  6. SEEK Freshmen are REQUIRED to attend the SEEK Summer Experience, a 6-week summer program that will prepare students for their college experience while immersing them in college-level coursework. This program requires students to be at Baruch four days a week for approximately six hours a day. Students must participate in this program if they want to attend Baruch in the fall.

We provide a comprehensive freshman year.  Most incoming students have a difficult time making the transition from high school to college.  SEEK's freshman program is designed to help students make this adjustment.  Students are put into a block program and move together from class to class.  They receive tutoring, enrichment and counseling.  At every step, they have the opportunity to bond with staff and each other.


Other Misconceptions That Need Clarification:

  • SEEK students take different courses from regularly admitted students.  SEEK students take the courses identical to those taken by non-SEEK students.  Like all Baruch students, there are a certain number of required courses they must take, such as psychology or sociology, calculus and English composition, needed to fulfill the base curriculum of the Weissman School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Zicklin School of Business or the School of Public Affairs.     
  • SEEK students are required to do things that other students do not have to do.  It is true that there are some things required of SEEK students that are not required of Non-SEEK students. However, there are not many.  For the most part, they involve tasks which are associated with proving financial eligibility for SEEK. Students will be required to submit certain documents, such as copies of tax returns.  SEEK is a program supported by New York State.  The State Education Law requires this documentation.  In addition, SEEK counselors require students to come in once a semester for program planning.  Counselors go over the student's curriculum requirements and help the student plan a program.  Students are very grateful because the curriculum is complicated and difficult to understand. Without this advisement, students can end up graduating with many unnecessary credits or running out of financial aid.  Finally, students with math problems are required to attend special math instruction, and students on probation must participate in a academic survival program.  The Program works diligently to ensure that students are given the academic support they need to succeed.



55 Lexington Ave. - Newman Vertical Campus, Room 2-230
(on Lexington Ave, between 24 & 25 Streets)
New York, NY 10010
phone: 646-312-4620