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Frequently Asked Questions


What is SEEK?

A: SEEK stands for Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge.   The Program was instituted by the NYS Legislature for the CUNY Senior colleges in 1966.  The program was designed to open the door to higher education for students from New York State who had the intellectual potential to get a college degree but had neither the strong academic background not the economic resources to pursue a college degree.

How Can I Become a SEEK Student?

A: You must meet certain economic and academic requirements.  You must fill out the regular Baruch application and check off "SEEK" where indicated.  Students with previous college credits cannot be accepted, unless they have taken College Discovery class at CUNY or if they are transferring from another SEEK, HEOP or EOP program.

Do SEEK Students Have to Take Special Courses?

A: SEEK students take the same courses as all Baruch students.  However, during the freshman year, students are required to enroll in group tutoring for some courses.  SEEK also has a special intensive Freshman Seminar and a structured freshman year program in which entering students are registered for a set schedule of carefully selected courses in order to help them successfully adjust to college.

What Happens If I Don't Pass the CUNY Skills Tests?

A: SEEK entering freshmen who do not pass one or more of the Skills Assessment Tests are required to attend special courses the summer before their freshman year. Many of them pass the tests at the end of the program and are able to take credit courses in the fall.

Those who do not pass the tests in summer are placed in courses that may not carry college credit. These include an English as a Second Language course along with tutorial hours added to their credit bearing courses. Because Baruch College NO LONGER OFFERS REMEDIAL COURSES, students whose Assessment Test scores indicate that they need work in basic levels of math or writing are required to take those courses at CUNY Community Colleges. They may register for credit bearing courses at Baruch at the same time. HOWEVER, THE TIME ALLOTTED FOR PASSING THESE TESTS IS LIMITED. STUDENTS IN THIS POSITION SHOULD CONSULT THEIR COUNSELORS.

How Do I Drop A Course?

A: You must fill out a form before the deadline and take it to the registrar’s office, 8th floor, 25th St. Your counselor must sign this form.

How Can I Find Out Who My Counselor Is?

A: Your counselor is the instructor of your Freshman Seminar Class.  If you are not enrolled in Freshman Seminar, you may find out who your counselor is from Ms. Nicole Gentry, in the SEEK Office, Room 2-230 of Vertical Campus.  Transfer students are assigned a counselor within one month from the time they transfer to Baruch.

I Don't Have Any Problems. Do I Have To See My Counselor?

A: Your counselor will be happy to see you whether or not you have any specific problems.  Remember, your counselor is a valuable resource who will help you make informed choices about career goals, your academic program.  He or she will help you create a course of studies worksheet to guide you through your years at Baruch, as well as provide assistance and referrals for tutoring.  In general, your counselor is your link to information you may require regarding the services available through the program or at the college as a whole.

How Often Must I See My Counselor?

A: You should see your counselor at least twice a month.

How Often Will My Counselor Be Changed?

A: Students usually have the same counselor as long as they remain at Baruch.

How Much Financial Aid Will I Get?

A: Most SEEK Students receive the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), which covers all or most of their tuition, and the PELL Grant, which provides money to meet college expenses, such as carfare, lunch, and clothing.  SEEK students are eligible for ten semesters of TAP, two more than regular students receive.

How Do I apply For Financial Aid?

You must show economic eligibility in order to qualify for the SEEK Program.  Entering freshman receive CUNY's financial aid application in the mail, along with instructions on how to file.  Returning students must file renewal applications, which can be done on the web, after January 1st.  All students must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and prove continued economic eligibility by submitting yearly copies of federal tax return forms.    

For more information about Financial Aid, please contact Mr. Jeffrey Sampson at


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