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SEEK Directory

Dr. Angela Anselmo
Angela Anselmo is the Director of the SEEK Program. In addition to the responsibility of administering the functions and services vested in the SEEK Program, she is responsible for monitoring all SEEK funds and for advocacy and representation of the SEEK students from admissions to graduation.

In keeping with the SEEK mission statement, Dr. Anselmo believe that hard-working students who want to succeed should be given the academic and counseling support they need to accomplish their goals.  She firmly believes it is the job of the SEEK staff to serve its students. While recognizing the temptation for the counselors to friend their students, she believes that the students need skilled professionals who are knowledgeable about Baruch and who will guide. They have plenty of friends—they never enough support and encouragement as they strive to realize their dreams. She acknowledges that the staff has to be tough at times as they help students move from point “A” to point “B.”

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Anselmo’s views on education, social justice, access and the future of the United States, look here:

Dr. Anselmo takes her responsibilities as a Baruch faculty member very seriously. Over the course of her career, she has been part of many divisional, college and university committees. These include the department’s P&B; the Faculty Senate’s Educational Policy Committee, as well as the University Council of Special Program Directors. She currently serves as the Director of the Black Male Initiative and she is the creator of the Percy E. Sutton Urban Male Leadership Academy. In 2009, she was the recipient of the Presidential Award for Distinguished Service.

She has two Masters degrees, the first in the area of Guidance and Counseling from the Consortium for Bilingual Counselor Education (a Consortium of colleges involving CUNY and the University of Puerto Rico) and the second in Psychology from Yeshiva University. She has a combined Doctorate in Developmental Psychology and Linguistics (Bilingual Developmental Psychology). She attended the New Seminary in New York City where she was ordained as an Inter-faith minister. She is also a certified happiness coach.

Dr. Anselmo enjoys lecturing and doing workshops in the areas of spirituality, metaphysics, meditation and cultural diversity. In  2005, having wrestled with questions of identity throughout her life, she co-authored a book with her sister, Dr. Alma Rubal-Lopez, entitled, On Becoming Nuyoricans. Part autobiography, part reflection on culture and pedagogy, the book was a defining moment in her intellectual and personal odyssey.


Juan Caraballo
Provides academic and personal counseling; teaches FRO classes; runs SEEK Laptop and Calculator loan programs; faculty advisor to SEEK Society; liaison with BCTC (Baruch College Technology Center).


Hao Chen
Hao Chen is the SEEK Program’s Technology Specialist.

As the Technology Specialist, he services, maintains and sometimes creates the technological resources utilized by the SEEK staff and students, and therefore his work is integral to the successful functioning of the SEEK Program.  

As a graduate of Baruch with a major of Accountancy, Mr. Chen also serves as SEEK’s Senior Accounting Tutor for the program. He is currently nearing completion of his Master’s Degree from Baruch in Information Systems.


Betty DuVerger
Betty DuVerger is a Counselor for the SEEK Program. She provides academic and personal counseling and teaches freshman seminar classes. Mrs. DuVerger also coordinates the peer mentoring program and is involved the Academic Survival Program for students who are on academic probation.

Betty has interest in helping students develop leadership, financial literacy and effective self-management skills. She teaches a 2-credit course in leadership, serves on the Office of Special Programs (OSP) leadership Academy committee and is a client facilitator for The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and College Students. In her role as counselor, she is passionate about her work, sees potential and has high expectations of all students. 

Recently Betty became faculty advisor to the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA), an award-winning student organization and chair of the SEEK Scholarship and Award Committee. Mrs. DuVerger has presented at local and regional conferences on topics of academic probation and student leadership. She previously served on the OSP counseling council and Baruch’s joint committee on academic standing.

Prior to working as a SEEK counselor Mrs. DuVerger worked as a school psychologist at a private pre-school and recreational specialist at a domestic violence residential shelter. She holds a BA in Psychology from Baruch and a MSEd in School Psychology from Brooklyn College.  

Mrs. DuVerger considers herself a life-long learner who enjoys books on personal and professional development. Positive and meaningful relationships are important to her and she values spending time with her family.


Nicole Gentry
Administrative Assitant
Assistant to SEEK director; oversees day to day administrative operations of unit; supervises student aides.


Ilse Junod
Ilse Junod is the Coordinator of SEEK’s Freshmen Programs. She works on the intake of entering SEEK freshmen and the planning of their courses and activities during their freshman year. She is also a Counselor and teaches freshman seminar. The distribution of information on Study Abroad and the planning of Study Abroad Workshops for SEEK students is another of her responsibilities.

Ms. Junod has worked for SEEK since its beginning at Baruch and has helped to create the Protected Freshman Year Program, which enables SEEK freshmen to develop skills and form relationships that serve as a foundation for success in their college careers. The daughter of immigrants to this country, she has a particular interest in the adjustment and needs of students who have recently immigrated.

Her undergraduate degree is from the University of the Americas in Mexico and she earned her M.S. in Counseling from Fordham University. She loves to read, travel, cook and go to the theatre. She spends part of every year in Europe.


Alice Levitus
Teaches recitations for various subjects including economics and psychology.


Joyce Mandell
Joyce Mandell is the Speech and Oral Communication Advisor/ Coach for SEEK students. She is primarily responsible for helping non-native students who are still struggling with spoken English to improve the clarity and intelligibility of their oral communication. She also serves as a coach to native speakers who need to improve their communication skills in class presentations, internships and job interviews. During the semester, she conducts a variety of workshops focusing on pronunciation and other communication skills, as well as working one-on-one with students in private pronunciation coaching.

Joyce emphasizes the need for students to master the “soft skills” of communication along with the knowledge and mastery of the subject areas that they are studying. She believes that students need to effectively communicate with peers, professors, and eventual employers, in order to successfully compete in the job market.

In addition to working with SEEK, Joyce is an adjunct lecturer in the Communication Studies department, and works one day a week coaching students in the ESL Pronunciation Lab, which is sponsored by SACC.

Joyce has had a variety of careers before coming to Baruch – actress, cabaret singer, and ESL teacher in professional and academic settings. She earned a B.A. in Speech and Theatre from Brooklyn College and an M.A. in TESOL from Hunter College.


Jeanne Pearson-Gray
Jeanne Pearson-Gray is an Educational Coach for the SEEK Program. She works with individual students, teaches Freshman Seminar and serves as the Study Skills Coordinator for the SEEK Summer Experience.

Ms. Pearson-Gray is also a recruiting coordinator for New York City high Schools. She does countless outreach in Fall and Spring at High School Fairs and community organizations. She wants prospective students to know as much about Baruch College as they possibly can.

Ms. Pearson-Gray is a member of the college’s Joint Committee on Academic Standing. She also serves on the SEEK Program Retention Committee. She contributes greatly to the Academic Survival and Leadership programs as well.

Baruch is part of Ms. Pearson-Gray’s 3rd successful career. Prior to joining the college she was a manger for Verizon and she retired from the United States Army Reserve. She earned her BA in Business Management from Marymount Manhattan College and MSEd in Counseling Psychology from Fordham University.


Kristy Clementina Perez
Kristy Clementina Perez is a SEEK Counselor. She is responsible for providing academic, personal and professional counseling, and she teaches freshmen seminar classes as well. Additionally, she serves as the Program Director for the Percy E. Sutton SEEK’s Urban Male Leadership Academy Program, which serves to develop and promote the academic excellence, social consciousness and leadership skills of Black and Latino male college SEEK students.

Ms. Perez is interested in co-creating transformative, holistic and life-affirming educational experiences with her students. She considers herself a social justice educator and actively works with students in defining their passions and voicing their points-of-views. She teaches a 2-credit leadership course, facilitates diversity workshops and is certified in Reuven Bar-On Emotional Intelligence EQ-I (Emotional Quotient Inventory).

Prior to coming to Baruch College, Ms. Perez served as a high school English teacher at her alma mater of Perth Amboy High School in New Jersey for several years. She earned a BA in English from Douglass College at Rutgers University and a MSW with a concentration in Community Organization, Planning & Development from Hunter College School of Social Work.

Ms. Perez is also a poet, writer and community organizer. She is passionate about social justice issues and provides workshops on self-healing techniques for women of color throughout New York. She is proud of her Dominican culture and is the first person in her family to graduate from college.


David Rosen
David Rosen is a Tutor and Educational Coach for the SEEK Program. He serves as a coach to both incoming SEEK Freshman and new transfers in the Transfer Division. He also helps organize and run the SEEK January math intersession program and the summer math program for incoming freshmen. He provides workshops on Graduate School, serves as a liaison with Financial Aid, and teaches Freshman Seminar and a Transfer Seminar.

Mr. Rosen believes that all students can learn anything so long as they can be honest about where they are, and then have the chance to build bridges from what they already know to the new material. He believes that effective learning requires active engagement on the part of the student, with less emphasis on passive reading or listening.

In the past, Mr. Rosen worked as a 6th grade science teacher in the South Bronx and did inventory control for Apple Inc. He holds a Masters Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, where he studied the self-concept of lower-income students, and a Masters Degree in Middle School Science Education, where he studied how students conceptualize size at the smallest scales. David loves music and animation.


Jill Rosenberg
Jill Rosenberg is the Academic Support Coordinator for the SEEK Program. She is responsible for the development and implementation of all academic support programs and serves as the program’s liaison with the academic departments at Baruch. Ms. Rosenberg was involved in the development of the SEEK Summer Experience and continues to work with incoming freshmen the summer before their first semester.  She also serves as the program’s editor.  

Ms. Rosenberg is particularly interested in increasing students’ engagement in their coursework and helping them recognize and pursue their passions. She believes that a college experience should fundamentally change the way that a person sees the world and the way that she sees herself in the world.

Ms. Rosenberg is a member of the University CUE (Coordinated Undergraduate Education) Committee and part of the Council of SEEK and CD Academic Support Coordinators. She serves on the SEEK Retention Committee and is the co-chair of the SEEK Summer Program Planning Committee.

Before coming to Baruch, Ms. Rosenberg worked as an adjunct writing instructor at FIT and Brooklyn College, and she worked as a tutor and the evening supervisor of the tutoring center at FIT as well. She earned a B.A. in English from Vassar College and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Montana.


Racquel Williams
Advisor/Social Worker
Provides academic and personal counseling; teaches FRO classes; runs Academic Survival Program for students who are on academic probation, co-facilitates Diversity Workshops.


Susan Wong
Susan Wong is the SEEK Counselor and currently serves as the Director of Counseling. She teaches Freshman Seminar, serves as the current Social Work Student Intern Educator and the Student Leadership Academy Liaison with the CUNY Central Office. She represents Baruch on the SEEK and College Discovery Council of the Counseling Coordinators.

As the Director of Counseling, Ms. Wong works with all SEEK counselors and their students, with particular emphasis on the student population who most recently immigrated from China. Ms. Wong hopes to inspire all students to do their very best and pursue the career goal of their choice. As a counselor, her philosophy is that students can overcome struggles and barriers with the support of the SEEK staff and the assistance of financial aid.

Susan is the Faculty Advisor for the Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society at Baruch College. She is also very active in her community and is heavily involved with professional organizations. She is the Vice Chair of the Asian American Asian Research Institute-CUNY; she is the Co-Chair of the Asian American Social Work Task Force with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), and she is a senior advisor to the Asian Health & Social Service Council, Inc., just to name a few. 

Ms. Wong is also an alumnus of the SEEK Program at Baruch College, class of 1984. She never forgets that she is also an immigrant and understands the struggles immigrant students must endure and overcome. She earned her Bachelors degree in Psychology from Baruch College and her Masters degree in Social Work from Fordham University in 1991 on scholarship. Ms. Wong is a New York State Licensed Master Social Worker (1992) and a Certified Social Work Field Instructor (2000). 



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