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SEEK Directory

Betty DuVerger
Betty DuVerger is a Counselor for the SEEK Program. She provides academic and personal counseling and teaches freshman seminar classes. Mrs. DuVerger also coordinates the peer mentoring program and is involved the Academic Survival Program for students who are on academic probation.

Betty has interest in helping students develop leadership, financial literacy and effective self-management skills. She teaches a 2-credit course in leadership, serves on the Office of Special Programs (OSP) leadership Academy committee and is a client facilitator for The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and College Students. In her role as counselor, she is passionate about her work, sees potential and has high expectations of all students. 

Recently Betty became faculty advisor to the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA), an award-winning student organization and chair of the SEEK Scholarship and Award Committee. Mrs. DuVerger has presented at local and regional conferences on topics of academic probation and student leadership. She previously served on the OSP counseling council and Baruch’s joint committee on academic standing.

Prior to working as a SEEK counselor Mrs. DuVerger worked as a school psychologist at a private pre-school and recreational specialist at a domestic violence residential shelter. She holds a BA in Psychology from Baruch and a MSEd in School Psychology from Brooklyn College.  

Mrs. DuVerger considers herself a life-long learner who enjoys books on personal and professional development. Positive and meaningful relationships are important to her and she values spending time with her family.


Nicole Gentry
Administrative Assitant
Assistant to SEEK director; oversees day to day administrative operations of unit; supervises student aides.


Ilse Junod
Ilse Junod is the Coordinator of SEEK’s Freshmen Programs. She works on the intake of entering SEEK freshmen and the planning of their courses and activities during their freshman year. She is also a Counselor and teaches freshman seminar. The distribution of information on Study Abroad and the planning of Study Abroad Workshops for SEEK students is another of her responsibilities.

Ms. Junod has worked for SEEK since its beginning at Baruch and has helped to create the Protected Freshman Year Program, which enables SEEK freshmen to develop skills and form relationships that serve as a foundation for success in their college careers. The daughter of immigrants to this country, she has a particular interest in the adjustment and needs of students who have recently immigrated.

Her undergraduate degree is from the University of the Americas in Mexico and she earned her M.S. in Counseling from Fordham University. She loves to read, travel, cook and go to the theatre. She spends part of every year in Europe.


Jeanne Pearson-Gray
Jeanne Pearson-Gray is an Educational Coach for the SEEK Program. She works with individual students, teaches Freshman Seminar and serves as the Study Skills Coordinator for the SEEK Summer Experience.

Ms. Pearson-Gray is also a recruiting coordinator for New York City high Schools. She does countless outreach in Fall and Spring at High School Fairs and community organizations. She wants prospective students to know as much about Baruch College as they possibly can.

Ms. Pearson-Gray is a member of the college’s Joint Committee on Academic Standing. She also serves on the SEEK Program Retention Committee. She contributes greatly to the Academic Survival and Leadership programs as well.

Baruch is part of Ms. Pearson-Gray’s 3rd successful career. Prior to joining the college she was a manger for Verizon and she retired from the United States Army Reserve. She earned her BA in Business Management from Marymount Manhattan College and MSEd in Counseling Psychology from Fordham University.


Kristy Clementina Perez
Kristy Clementina Perez is the Interim SEEK Director. In addition to the responsibility of administering the functions and services vested in the SEEK Program, she is responsible for monitoring all SEEK funds and for advocacy and representation of the SEEK students from admissions to graduation.

Ms. Perez is interested in co-creating transformative, holistic and life-affirming educational experiences with her students. She considers herself a social justice educator and actively works with students in defining their passions and voicing their points-of-views. She is certified in Reuven Bar-On Emotional Intelligence EQ-I (Emotional Quotient Inventory).

Prior to coming to Baruch College, Ms. Perez served as a high school English teacher at her alma mater of Perth Amboy High School in New Jersey for several years. She earned a BA in English from Douglass College at Rutgers University and a MSW with a concentration in Community Organization, Planning & Development from Hunter College School of Social Work.

Ms. Perez is also a poet, writer and community organizer. She is passionate about social justice issues and provides workshops on self-healing techniques for women of color throughout New York. She is proud of her Dominican culture and is the first person in her family to graduate from college.


Rebecca Quainoo
Rebecca Quainoo, MSW is the Associate Director of the BMI program at Baruch College. In this role, Rebecca is dedicated to supporting Black and Latino males by addressing social and academic inequalities and providing opportunities for them to succeed. She is also committed to increasing enrollment, retention and graduation rates of students from underrepresented populations.

As a SEEK counselor, Rebecca provides academic and personal counseling. She is committed to the field of higher education and is very passionate about empowering and motivating students from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Rebecca also enjoys helping students to identify and ignite their academic, social and professional passions.

Rebecca has earned her Master’s degree in social work (MSW) from S.U.N.Y Albany and has dedicated 10 years to providing a range of preventive clinical and case management services to families in the Northeast Bronx.


David Rosen
David Rosen is the Tutorial Coordinator for the SEEK Program. He is responsible for the development and implementation of all academic support programs and serves as the program’s liaison with the academic departments at Baruch.  

Mr. Rosen believes that all students can learn anything so long as they can be honest about where they are, and then have the chance to build bridges from what they already know to the new material. He believes that effective learning requires active engagement on the part of the student, with less emphasis on passive reading or listening.

In the past, Mr. Rosen worked as a 6th grade science teacher in the South Bronx and did inventory control for Apple Inc. He holds a Masters Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, where he studied the self-concept of lower-income students, and a Masters Degree in Middle School Science Education, where he studied how students conceptualize size at the smallest scales. David loves music and animation.



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