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Academic Support at SEEK

SEEK's Academic Support Program is geared to meet the needs of its students.  There is a full-time director of academic support who manages a team of instructors and tutors dedicated to supporting the SEEK students in their quest for academic excellence.  In addition, SEEK students have access to college-wide academic support resources like the Student Academic Consulting Center (SACC) and the Baruch Writing Center. 

Individual Tutoring

SEEK students are invited to sign up for weekly individual tutoring sessions. Once scheduled, students will meet with the same tutor each week for the duration of the semester-- this way students become accustomed to their tutor's teaching style, and the tutor becomes familiar with her students' strengths and weaknesses.

Tutors do not simply help students with specific material assigned in their courses-- they show them what it takes to be an A student at Baruch, helping them to improve their time management skills and learn to identify and utilize the study strategies that work best for them.

The ultimate goal is for students to become self-sufficient learners who can synthesize what they've learned and apply both concepts and study strategies to new material they encounter in subsequent coursework.

Interested in signing up for individual tutoring?
Pick up an application from the tutoring bulletin board outside Room NVC 2-239.  Or you can download and print the application here. Once you've completed the application, place it in the designated envelope on tutoring bulletin board and you will be scheduled for tutoring within a week's time, assuming a tutor is available at the times your requested.  As soon as you've been scheduled, your tutor will call or email you to confirm your appointment.

Supplemental Instruction

SEEK students receive academic assistance in a classroom setting as well.  Most freshmen are required to attend at least one study lab (group tutoring session) per week.  These study labs are created to supplement the courses that give students the most difficulty: Math, ESL writing courses, Psychology, and others.

Study labs are held once a week, for approximately an hour and fifteen minutes-- they are built into students' schedules.  In small groups, students meet with an instructor who leads a review session and answers questions students did not have the time or opportunity to ask in class.  When connected to skill-based math and writing courses, study labs give students the chance to work on their assignment and practice their skills with their instructor available to provide assistance.

SEEK-Designated Classes

SEEK students have the opportunity to enroll in courses that are open to SEEK students only.  Sections of certain courses-- Math, English, Law and others-- are created exclusively for SEEK students-- non-SEEK students are unable to register without special permission.  The professors selected to teach these courses are carefully chosen; they are often the most highly sought instructors in their field. 

SEEK sections are scheduled to meet for an extra hour each week.  This means that students enrolled in SEEK sections will have had an extra fifteen hours of instruction by the end of the semester. In some courses, this means that class time can be used for more than the usual lecture; during the extra hour, students are given the opportunity to actively engage with their professor and the material. As a result, these students often foster a closer relationship with their professor and develop greater familiarity and comfort with the subject matter.






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