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Academic Support at SEEK

• All SEEK students in business-track math are assigned a SEEK math tutor at the start of each semester to help them with any problems they have and keep them caught up with their work.

• SEEK students can sign up for regular weekly SEEK tutoring appointments for some of the toughest classes, such as economics, statistics, accounting, finance, upper-level mathematics, and more. SEEK tutors are peers that can share their experiences with you too.

• SEEK students take some of the toughest classes at Baruch in SEEK sections, which are class sections with smaller sizes, slightly extended time, professors we choose, and students you already know from SEEK.  The material covered is the same, but your professor will work more closely with you to make sure you master it.

• SEEK hosts various workshops, review sessions, and prep classes throughout each semester and during the winter intersession.

• SEEK loans TI-89 graphing calculators (needed for most levels of math) as well as Apple computers each semester.

• SEEK support is in addition to everything else the college has to offer, such as the Student Academic Consulting Center (SACC) and the Writing Center. The extra SEEK benefits are just for you!

We have relationships with SACC and the Writing Center to help get you one-on-one support there as well.

SEEK-Designated Classes

SEEK students have the opportunity to enroll in courses that are open to SEEK students only.  Sections of certain courses-- Math, English, Law and others-- are created exclusively for SEEK students-- non-SEEK students are unable to register without special permission.  The professors selected to teach these courses are carefully chosen; they are often the most highly sought instructors in their field. 

SEEK sections are scheduled to meet for an extra hour each week.  This means that students enrolled in SEEK sections will have had an extra fifteen hours of instruction by the end of the semester. In some courses, this means that class time can be used for more than the usual lecture; during the extra hour, students are given the opportunity to actively engage with their professor and the material. As a result, these students often foster a closer relationship with their professor and develop greater familiarity and comfort with the subject matter.





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