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Baruch College SEEK Program

Mission Statement

The Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK (Search for Education Elevation and Knowledge) Program at Baruch College will provide its students with the tools they need to create their own success: to graduate and pursue fulfilling and productive lives, to develop an awareness of themselves and a sense of dedication to their community.

We believe that students who wish to succeed, regardless of their economic and educational background, should have the opportunity to receive the support they need. The Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program strives to enrich the lives of its students beyond the scope of their academic coursework. As they develop a relationship with their counselor, connect with peer mentors and academic assistants, students learn to see themselves from a new perspective and thereby shape their own lives. It is our goal to graduate students who will offer a unique and substantial contribution to the world they help diversify.

The Percy E. Sutton SEEK Program at Baruch College

As Baruch has raised its admissions standards, the Percy E. Sutton SEEK Program has become increasingly competitive as well. In fact, it is more difficult to get accepted into the SEEK Program at Baruch than it is to get into many of the other CUNY senior colleges as a non-SEEK student.

Nonetheless, we recognize that the achievements of our incoming students do not yet reflect their ability. The program offers a unique and supportive educational opportunity to students who have the intellectual potential to succeed in college but lack the educational foundation and economic resources necessary to pursue a degree.

Percy E. Sutton SEEK students at Baruch receive individual attention and support in a variety of capacities: counseling, freshmen seminars, tutoring, supplemental instruction and financial aid.



55 Lexington Ave. - Newman Vertical Campus, Room 2-230
(on Lexington Ave, between 24 & 25 Streets)
New York, NY 10010
phone: 646-312-4620