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Student Academic Consulting Center (SACC)

Immersion Program

SACC offers summer and winter Immersion Programs for writing, reading and math to students preparing to re-take standardized CUNY Assessment Tests (CATs).

Classes meet daily and are taught by highly trained SACC tutors and professors. Writing classes identify students' weaknesses in grammar and argumentation. Reading classes help expand students' vocabulary and strengthen reading comprehension skills. Math classes review topics featured on the standardized exam, including topics specific to Math 0100, 0120 and 1030.

If you have received an invitation and registration form for our Immersion Program, please return it to us as soon as possible. Spaces are limited and your registration depends on the timeliness of your reply. SACC is only responsible for coordinating the Immersion courses. For ACT test scores, you can contact the Office of Testing at 646-312-4305. For all other questions regarding placement or registration, please contact the Office of Admissions at 646-312-1400, or the Office of the Registrar at 646-312-1150.

Because of the intense nature of the program, students enrolled in Immersion are not permitted to register or attend concurrent summer or winter session courses until the program has been completed.

More information on the CATs, such as resources, test guides, and practice exercises, can be found here.

More information on the Immersion Program coming soon.