Instructions and Help for Using the WebGrade Service

(updated Spring 2013)

If you arrived on this page from WebGrade, you may Close or Minimize this window to return to WebGrade.

Introduction to WebGrade

The Baruch College WebGrade Service allows faculty to submit final grades for their course sections online. The WebGrade service can be accessed from any Internet-accessible computer (PC, MAC, UNIX/Linux) using a standard web browser.

The WebGrade service is a user-friendly system that will expedite the end of semester grading process and the student notification of grade assignment. Instructors will be instrumental in Baruch students receiving their grades in a timely manner.

Set Your Course Section Password(s) for WebGrade

Access Roster and Submit Grades via WebGrade:

Instructions for Using WebGrade

First Time Using WebGrade

  1. Set Course Section Password(s)
  2. Enter Grades and Save Your Progress
  3. Submit Grades to the Registrar

Returning to WebGrade after setting your course section password(s)

  1. Find Your Course Section(s)
  2. Continue with Step 2 "Enter Grades and Save Your Progress"

Requesting Help with Webgrade

For technical assistance using WebGrade, contact the Computing and Technology HelpDesk at (646) 312-1010 or at

For questions related to missing course sections, grading policy, or due dates, contact Office of the Registrar at (646) 312-1195.


WebGrade Procedure - First Time Using WebGrade

1) Set Course Section Password(s)

On the first day of the grading period, instructors will be able to login to set the course section password(s) for WebGrade. To access a course section roster in WebGrade, the instructor is required to first set a password for their course section before entering any grades. Instructors will set a password for each section of the courses they teach.

A few notes regarding course section passwords:

Set your course section password(s) at:

  1. Enter your Baruch Network username and password (these are the same credentials you use for your Baruch computer, Baruch mail, and wireless)
  2. Review the list of course sections. If you do not see your course listed, please contact the BCTC HelpDesk at 646-312-1010, or the Office of the Registrar at 646-312-1195, to confirm.
  3. Set a password for each course section you are teaching, per the password requirements:
    1. 8-15 characters
    2. include at least one uppercase letter
    3. include at least one numeric character
    4. include at least one of the following special characters ~ ` ! @ # $ ^ - _ | : < , >
    5. The password is CASE SENSITIVE. You may use the same password for more than one section.
  4. Once you have set a course section password for each of your course sections, select Logout, and follow the link to WebGrade to locate your course section roster and enter grades.

2) Enter Grades and Save Your Progress:

Save Grades as You Progress: Save any grades you have entered at regular intervals of at least 15 minutes by clicking on the "Preview and Save Grades" button at the bottom of your course roster page and then clicking on the "Save Grades and Return to Grade Roster" button on the bottom of the preview page. If the grades are not saved every 15 minutes, your session will time out and will lose any grades not saved during that session. Once you have previewed your grades and returned to your roster you may leave WebGrade and complete your grading at a later time by simply closing your browser window. You will need to login again when you would like to resume entering grades.

  1. Enter the appropriate password for the course section and press the "Roster" button.
    The Final Grade Roster is displayed showing four columns: Student Baruch Username, Student Name, Grade, and Comments.
    Before you can access a course roster for the first time, you must set the initial password for that course - see Step #1 above to set your course section password
  2. Verify that you are viewing the correct course section roster.
  3. Click on a grade in the Grade column (use scroll bar to access all available grades, if necessary) for each student.
    See "Grading Procedures and Information from Registrar" for explanation of grading options.
  4. Press "Preview and Save Grades" button at any time during grade entry and a Roster Update Confirmation is displayed. The confirmation includes grades that have been added or changed only. Any pre-printed grades such as "W", "WA", or "AUD" will NOT appear. If you have made changes, the From Column will display the previous grade entry.
  5. When previewing grades, press the "Save Grades and Return to Grade Roster" button to return to your grade roster and enter additional grades.
  6. Review/verify the grades for accuracy. If any changes are made, be sure to select the "Preview and Save Grades" button again to store changes.

3) Submit Grades to the Registrar:

To avoid inadvertent submission of grades, multiple prompts will ask you to confirm your request for the submission of your grades to the Registrar. If you realize that you need to change a grade before you submit, click on the "Return to Roster" button and make changes.

  1. Click the "Proceed to Final Grade Confirmation" button. If any grades have been left blank, WebGrade will alert you by showing the student's name, and will ask for a grade to be submitted.
  2. Review the grades to be submitted.
  3. On the submission page you will see the email address where a copy of the grade roster will be sent upon submission. You may enter up to one additional email address within the input window. Re-enter to verify correct format for additional email.
  4. Click the "Submit Grades to the Registrar" button.
    To avoid inadvertent submission of grades, multiple prompts will ask you to confirm your request for submission. If you realize that you need to change a grade before you submit, click on the "Return to Roster" button and make changes.
  5. A Final Roster is displayed and a copy is emailed to the recipient indicated, the additional optional recipient, as well as to your department. This roster includes a time-stamp. You may print a copy of the Final Roster for your records.

NOTE: Once submitted to the Registrar, grades cannot be changed via WebGrade. To change a grade, you must complete a Change of Grade Form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar, Room 850, Library Building.

Find Your Course Section(s) in WebGrade

If you have already set your course section password, you may access the course section roster via WebGrade at at

Search for your course section using one of the following three methods:

Once you have located your course section(s) follow with steps 2 or 3 above.