Baruch College WebGrade System

Frequently Asked Questions
(updated Spring 2013)

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Grading Dates and Deadline

  1. When is WebGrade available for grade submission?
    WebGrade submission dates are determined by the Office of the Registrar. The dates for grade submission are listed on the Office of the Registrar WebGrade page ( Additionally, an announcement will come from Dr.Slavin in the Provost’s office with information about the upcoming dates for grade entry. Grade submissions will be accepted beginning at 12:01 am on the day WebGrade is scheduled to open and ending at 11:59 pm on the day WebGrade is scheduled to close.
  2. What if I miss the WebGrade submission deadline?
    You must download your eRoster (
    Record the final grade in pen, sign, date and submit to the Registrar’s office.
    NOTE: This will be the only acceptable method of manual grade submission after the deadline.
  3. What happens if I don’t submit my roster by the deadline?
    A. Your Department Chair is notified, and each student in your course(s) will be assigned a “Z” grade. (“Z” = non punitive, indicates to student “Grade not submitted by instructor.”)

Grade Policy, Grade Change Process, and Academic Integrity

  1. I also work on a different campus; how do I find the grading policy for Baruch?
    The College grading policy is linked from within your roster in WebGrade. It is also linked from the Office of the Registrar - WebGrade page - see "Grading Procedures and Information from the Registrar".
  2. What if my student asked for a “P” grade?
    You can only grade the course according to its grading policy and not at the student’s request.
  3. How do I correct an error after I have submitted my grade roster in WebGrade?
    You must reach out to the Administrative Assistant of your department for a grade change application. These are to be forwarded to the appropriate Dean’s office for approval. Once approved, the Dean’s office will forward the sheets to the Registrar’s office for entry. Students receive an email advising them once their grade has been changed.
  4. What should I do if there is a question of academic integrity?
    You should contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

Use and Technical Questions

  1. Where are the instructions for WebGrade?
    The instructions for using WebGrade are available from the WebGrade information page as well as from all pages within the WebGrade system from the link "Instructions and Help".
  2. Who can help me with the WebGrade process?
    The Computing and Technology Help Desk, 646-312-1010, will provide you with technical support for accessing or using WebGrade.
    The Office of the Registrar can help you with questions related to grading policy, due dates, etc.
  3. Can I change grades in WebGrade?
    You may modify a grade(s) assigned in your roster up until you submit it to the Registrar. Please review the official grading policy  for the college before you assign and submit your grades. Once a grade roster is submitted, you must reach out to the Administrative Assistant of your department for a grade change application. These are to be forwarded to the appropriate Dean's office for approval. Once approved, the Dean's office will forward the sheets to the Registrar's office for entry. Students receive an email advising them once their grade has been changed.
  4. Do I have to enter all of my grades at one time?
    No, you can leave WebGrade and return to it at a later time, but prior to WebGrade closing, to complete and submit your grades. If you have made any grade changes on your course roster, make sure that you select the "Preview Grades" button at the bottom of your course roster page and then click on the "Save Grades" button on the bottom of the preview page. To log out, just shut down you browser. You will need to login again when you would like to resume entering grades.
  5. How do I obtain a copy of my grade submissions?
    After you have submitted your grades, the final page, containing the grades and a confirmation number, is displayed.  You may print this page as follows: on your browser, click the File menu, then click Print on the drop-down menu.  You can return to this final page to view or print it. In addition a copy of the final grade roster is emailed to the person who set the course section password, optional recipient set upon submission, and to your department.
  6. When, and where, will students see their grades online?
    All grades submitted prior to midnight each day will be uploaded to SIMS and available the next morning to students through eSIMS.  Students will also receive an e-mail message via Web Mail with the grade. Grades submitted after midnight will not be available until the day following the submission.
  7. What if I share a section with another faculty member?
    If a course section is team taught by more than one faculty member, it is recommended that one person be designated to enter grades.
  8. What if I teach more than one section?
    Instructors will set a password for each course they teach. Password may differ from course to course. You will set your course section password(s) at You will need to set your password(s) before you can access your roster(s) for grading. You may set all the passwords for courses that you are teaching to the same password to make it easier to remember. If you intend to share the course section password with another faculty member, you should use a unique password for this course section.
  9. I can't login to set my course section passwords.
    In order to set your course section passwords, you will need to login using your Baruch Network Username and password correctly (these are the same credentials you use for your Baruch computer, Baruch mail, and wireless) to If you are unsure of your Username, or if the Username and Password combination is not working, contact the BCTC Help Desk at 646-312-1010. They will be able to verify your Username and confirm that it is correctly associated with your course section. If your account is not associated with the course section, the Help Desk will forward a request to the Office of the Registrar to resolve. If you are unsure of your Baruch Network password, you may reset it at
  10. What if I forget my course section password?
    Any instructor who is associated with a course can reset the course section password, even if it is has been changed by the other instructor(s) who is associated with the course. Go to the, login and enter and confirm the new course section password.
  11. How can I be sure my grades are submitted?
    Once grades are submitted the last page displays a confirmation number.  If you do not see the confirmation number, then the grade submission is incomplete. Make sure you have clicked on the button at the bottom of the "Submit Grades to the Registrar" page. If you continue to have difficulty, contact the Computing and Technology Help Desk at 646-312-1010.  If you receive an e-mail copy, that is confirmation that the system has accepted your grades.  You will only receive a copy if you included your e-mail address was indicated o nthe submission page, or if you included it as an optional recipient on the final submission form.
  12. Why do I need to accept cookies and JavaScript when using WebGrade?
    First-party cookies are used for security purposes. In WebGrade, cookies allow the system to identify you throughout the grading process to insure that the same person who logged into WebGrade submits the grades. JavaScript is used to display important system messages throughout the grading process. Both cookies and JavaScript may be turned back off again following your grading if you'd like. If you need assistance adjusting the settings on your browser, contact the BCTC Help Desk at (646) 312-1010.
  13. Why can't I enter a semicolon, apostrophe, single or double quote in my comment?
    The WebGrade system cannot allow these characters to be included in the comment because they may interfere with the processing of grade submissions. Try to use another character (dash,equal,underscore) or spaces in place of these characters.
  14. Why is there a grade already in the roster for one of my students?
    The "W" and " WA" grades are assigned by the Registrar and cannot be altered by the faculty. If the student has a pre assigned" WA" and continued attending your course, please assigned the appropriate grade in the comment/notes section of your roster. (e.g., A-F, WU, INC undergrad). In some cases the grade you assign may be entered after investigation or completion of immunization forms by the student.
  15. What is the "Comments" field for on my course section roster?
    The "Comments" field can be used in the same way as it has been in the past on the paper grade roster sheets, to record additional information about a student's grade or performance in a course. Information entered in the "Comments" field is NOT sent to students or recorded in BOSS. It is only recorded on the roster grade receipt sent to the the Registrar, department chair and the course instructor.