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Office of the Registrar

Non Traditional Grade

Grade Grade Name Explanation
INC Incomplete Term Work Students who for valid reason do not complete the work assigned (including final exams, papers etc.) when the students has earned an average term grade of 50% or better and in your view has a reasonable chance to pass the course and the student has been in touch with you before the final (or due date of a final paper or project) and you have given your permission for an incomplete (INC). If not resolved converts to FIN at the end of the following semester.
AUD Auditor The student must have requested the status of auditor at the start of the semester. If a student in your course officially applied for auditor's status, a grade of "AUD" will appear in the grade column. This grade cannot be assigned by the Instructor.
P/NC Satisfactory Completion The grade ofPcan be used for undergraduate students in the Weissman School of Arts & Sciences who have been approved for pass/fail option by the third week of classes or noncredit or tutorial courses (e.g. ENG 132, CSTM 120). Please refer to Undergraduate Guide to Academic Policies and Procedure in the Undergraduate Bulletin. It can also be used in the graduate thesis or research course.ANCgrade will be in place forresearch courses when a thesis has not been completed but progress has been made. Graduate students who apply for the Pass (P)/No Credit (NC) option will receive a grade of P if the course is successfully completed andNCif it is not.
PEN Academic Integrity (Pending)

The PEN grade is the correct grade for a student whose grade is under academic review because of possible infractions of the college’s academic integrity policy. The grade is held in abeyance pending due process by the faculty, the Office of Student Affairs and the Dean of students.  The final grade will be determined by the instructor and the review process.  The PEN grade will remain on the record until the matter is resolved.  Furthermore, unresolved grades can hinder future registrations.  Students may not graduate with unresolved grades.

R Unsatisfactory Work For Remedial Course R assigned as a final grade for remedial noncredit courses or tutorial courses only (e.g. CSTM 120, ENG 132, FRO 1000)
W Official Withdrawal Without penalty. Student officially withdrew by the due date, a grade of "W" will appear in the grade column.
WA Administrative Withdrawal Student did not comply with immunization requirements.

The student must comply with immunization requirements or the "WA" grade will be permanent - no grade changes will be allowed.

WD Withdraw Drop A non-punitive grade initiated by a student when a class is dropped via CUNYfirst after the financial aid certification date but before the published withdrawal period (usually, the 2nd and 3rd week of classes).
The course and grade will not appear on transcripts. If a student never attended the class, a WN will replace this grade after the instructor has submitted his/her attendance verification roster.
WN Never Attended (Administrative Withdrawal)

WNshould be given if the student has never attended a class and there is no documented evidence of the student's participation in a course. The establishment of a WN grade provides necessary information concerning attendance; this is a requirement of Federal Title IV regulations for the disbursement of financial aid to students. WN cannot be assigned during final grade roster submission and therefore the option is not available in CUNYFirst grading.Contact the Registrar's Office if you have a question.


WU Withdrew Unofficially. Should be assigned to a student who attended at least one class session, stopped attending class, and did not take the final exam (or hand in a final paper or project).

Y   An intermediate grade assigned after the first of a two-semester, or the first two of a three-semester, Honors sequence to signify work in progress. (Honors courses numbered 6001(H), 6002(H), 6003(H). TheYgrade is not included in calculating the grade point average. EachYgrade is replaced by an appropriate letter grade when the sequence has been completed.
Z No grade submitted by the instructor (assigned by the Registrar) Grades must be submitted for all students.Zis assigned only by the Registrar after the official grading period.


Undergraduate and Graduate Grade Scale

Undergraduate Graduate
Letter Grade GPA Value Grade Scale % Letter Grade GPA Value Grade Scale %
A 4 93.0 -100 A 4 93.0 -100
A- 3.7 90.0 - 92.9 A- 3.7 90.0 - 92.9
B+ 3.3 87.1 - 89.9 B+ 3.3 87.1 - 89.9
B 3 83.0 - 87.0 B 3 83.0 - 87.0
B- 2.7 80.0 - 82.9 B- 2.7 80.0 - 82.9
C+ 2.3 77.1 - 79.9 C+ 2.3 77.1 - 79.9
C 2 73.0 - 77.0 C 2 73.0 - 77.0
C- 1.7 70.0 - 72.9 C- 1.7 70.0 - 72.9
D+ 1.3 67.1 - 69.9      
D 1 60.0 - 67.0      
F 0 0.0 - 59.9 F 0 0.0 - 69.9