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Workforce Training

Green workforce training is one of the six components of New York City's Greener Greater Buildings Plan. A skilled, experienced workforce is essential to long-term urban sustainability.

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                                          Industry training

List of Offerings and Certifications from Industry Organizations (PDF)

This list includes courses and certificates offered by different organizations in the energy industry, including ASHRAE, AEE, BOMA and others. These offerings target property managers, systems engineers, real estate asset analysts, sustainability consultants, and other industry professionals.

A more extensive list is available upon request. Please contact Lab Deputy Director Nora Sherman.

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                                      Current CUNY offerings

Building Operator Certification courses

The Lab offers two BOC courses, Building Systems and Principles of Energy Management.

The BOC is a nationally recognized training and certification program. It provides skills and knowledge to facilities personnel who aim to improve energy efficiency and sustainability in their buildings. Through knowledge from this certification, building operators can achieve significant energy savings.

[ More information and sample syllabi Program contact ]

Building Operator Certification courses for NYC Department of Education building custodians

More than 1,000 public school facility managers will receive training and certification in the nationally-recognized Building Operator Certification program. The strategies and tools they learn will help them to reduce an estimated 10-20% of energy use in the schools they operate.

[ More information  |  Program contact ]


                                        Future CUNY offerings

Advanced Energy Performance Certificate Program (All online delivery)

AEP is an online certificate program which trains commercial building operators, property managers, and portfolio asset managers. The program is
being developed by the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute and the Building Performance Lab.  It is made possible by grants from the U.S. Department of Energy and NYSERDA.

More information is forthcoming. |  Program contact

Smart Operators, Smart Buildings

SOSB is an integrated workforce development program for property management firms who want to achieve significant sustainability improvements. Property Managers and Building Engineers enter a dual-track training program that provides them with a common language and framework for attaining results. They implement action with the support of trained CUNY interns who can become part of the next generation of staff.

[ More information  |  Program contact ]

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                                        Training strategies

Companies planning to train their workforces would most benefit from:
- A top-down approach to training, through the Human Resources department
- A demonstrated organizational commitment to training
- Determining measureable targets for energy and indoor environmental qualities
- Clear mandates and supports for trainees

Supportive training policies can include:
- Training during paid work hours
- Tuition funding for employees
- Incorporation of training into evaluations and promotions

Learn more about operator training methods:
Addressing the Operator as a Driver of Building Performance (PDF)

                                        Additional resources

Certifications Relating to Building Operations for Sustainable High-Performance Buildings (PDF)
A preliminary overview of certifications that relate to sustainable property and facilities operations.

Building Information Modeling

Selecting Building Automation Systems - The Iowa Energy Center (PDF)

Building Automation Retrofit Case Study

Overview of Building Automation Systems and Direct Digital Control