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Plotting Your Course

Establish Baseline Conditions

Building managers should create energy efficiency plans for their buildings. All buildings are different, but there are often common tools and methods.

"Energy efficiency opportunities range from "low-hanging fruit" with quick paybacks, to advanced technology implementations with longer paybacks and deeper energy reductions. No single technology package will be right for every building. Some retrofits involve discrete equipment replacement while others entail more extensive overall building renovations; in some cases it may be best to directly pursue radical energy reduction at one time, while in others a phased approach may be more appropriate. These are decisions you have to make."

-From "The Evolving Landscape for Energy Efficiency Retrofitting," an NREI research paper.

Determine Your Strategy

Managers will have to choose an appropriate financing strategy for their energy efficiency retrofits. This will depend on:

- What building systems most need an upgrade? Ideally, all building systems should be analyzed to determine potential savings.

- Are there upcoming renovation or investment projects which could include energy-saving measures?

- What are the costs and benefits of improving building systems and technologies?

- What is the building's general business strategy? 


Assess Options


The basic tool for builing energy planning is the energy audit. Energy audits are useful for all buildings and will soon be required for certain buildings in New York City. For more information, see Greener Greater Buildings Plan.

An energy audit is important because it:

- incorporates benchmarking, technology evaluations, and coordination with other planning processes

- provides a baseline of current energy consumption

- establishes targets for reductions via specific, economically evaluated projects

- creates the measurement and verification framework for maintaining target energy performance.

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Retrofit Flowchart


Plotting Your Course