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Measurement and Verification

What do scientists and accountants have in common? Both rely on meticulous evidence to prove their points. The same principle holds true for the monitoring and verification of energy savings and generation of carbon credits. The market-based green movement relies on an accounting framework to monitor and verify energy savings.

The IPMVP library of documents:

Not a toolkit per se, but a fundamental resource for information on Measurement and Verification methods.

"Guidelines for Verifying Existing Building Commissioning Project Savings":

Created by the California Commissioning Collaborative, using interval data energy models. (PDF)

International Performance Monitoring and Verification Protocol (IPMVP)

In 1995, the DOE commenced an initiative to establish a program for low-interest loans to be extended by financial institutions for energy investments. The metric created was developed by industry consensus to measure and verify energy savings from the investments of energy-conservation techniques. These procedures are applicable to commercial and industrial projects. The industry standard has had global appeal: the methods have been translated into 10 other languages and a number of international organizations utilize IPMVP.

Breakdown of Monitoring and Verification plan:

- Recognize appropriate MV options for energy conversion measures

- Document the facilities’ baseline conditions

- Ensure that the process of documentation for control and quality of data collection is thorough

- Provide cost estimates for Measurement and Verification tasks