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Building Operator Certification Toolkit

The Building Performance Lab offers two courses in preparation for the nationally recognized Building Operator Certification (BOC). The courses, Principles of Energy Management and Building Systems, prepare operating engineers from participating organizations to manage mechanical and electrical systems for higher energy efficiency. Upon completion, students are qualified to receive the BOC. Below are helpful links for current students or individuals pursuing the BOC.

Tools for BOC Students:

If you're not an expert on Microsoft Excel, these video tutorials will be useful: Excel for Beginners, Part I / Excel for Beginners, Part II / Excel for Beginners, Part III (YouTube videos)

BS-6 LAB Load Spreadsheet (Excel file)
The BS-6 LAB Load Calcs.xls spreadsheet demonstrates the use of Excel to calculate heating loads due to conduction and infiltration. The spreadsheet implements the solution to a problem posted here: Example of heat loss calculation (imperial).

Functional Testing and Design Guide from PECI
PECI, a conservation group, has compiled an extensive guide and sample tests for several building systems. Designers and contractors can use these tools to improve their performance and efficiency with heating and cooling systems, including boilers, condensers, chillers and pumps.

Energy Design Resources
Energy Design Resources is a program funded by the state of California to educate developers, architects and engineers. EDR facilitates the construction and operation of energy-efficient buildings. The website includes guides and articles about technology and design.

Focus On Energy Utility History (Excel spreadsheet)
The Focus On Energy Utility History spreadsheet analyzes electric and gas energy and demand billing records and presents the data in graphical formats allowing users to see annual load shapes. The spreadsheet also calculates simple performance metrics such as kWh/ft2/yr and therm/HDD/10,000 ft2. Users obtain 2 and preferably 3 years of utility billing records and input the data into the spreadsheet; calculations are automatic.

NYSERDA Equipment Inventory Forms (Excel spreadsheet)
The NYSERDA Equipment Inventory Forms spreadsheet is used to record inventories of existing lighting, motors, chillers and other building energy using equipment; and to calculate the energy and demand savings that can result from equipment replacement. Of particular note is a lighting worksheet that is linked to a database of over 800 fixture types and associated wattage; users input quantity and fixture type codes and the worksheet fills in the associated wattage by looking at the database.