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Retrofit Financing and Incentives


Below is a list of some programs which may provide financial assistance to property owners seeking to make efficiency improvements.

NYSERDA's Commercial/Industrial Incentive Programs

NYSERDA Focus on Commercial Real Estate

New York State's new business-focused initiative to enable commercial building owners/managers and consultants to maximize their return on investment for going green. Customers implement a 5-step process to achieve their energy and environmental goals, beginning with benchmarking building performance with the Benchmarking Toolkit available on this site.

NYSERDA Focus on Hospitality

NYSERDA is continuing to help restaurant owners and managers of non-profits to find ways of reducing energy costs within their commercial kitchens, including capital purchases that reduce their energy and water use and costs.

NYSERDA Energy Smart Schools Program

NYSERDA is dedicated to providing objective technical and financial assistance to New York 's K-12 schools. The program assists New York 's school administrators and facility managers in building and maintaining school buildings that provide a safe, healthy, and energy-efficient environment learning environment.


Sample Savings




Payback (years)


Upgrade Lighting $2,861 $683


Improve Programmable Thermostat

$230 $722


Intall High Efficiency Motors $8,738 $1,378


Install LED Exit Signs









Data credit: NYSERDA


Con Edison Incentives

Con Edison provides gas services to parts of New York City as well as electrical service to the city. The utility offers several incentives for residential and business customers, including free energy audits for small businesses, free programmable thermostats, and different pricing scales with demand response programs.

National Grid Incentives

National Grid provides gas services to parts of New York City as well as electrical service to upstate New York and elsewhere. The utility's website lists business incentives, which can be found by entering a building's zip code.

NYCEDC Energy Cost Savings Program

The New York City Economic Development Corporation provides reduced energy costs to certain businesses which make updates to existing buildings.

NYSESD Programs

The New York State Empire State Development runs several programs to aid businesses which are pursuing environmental improvements.