2020 Roundtable

Affordable Housing in New York City

The Affordable Housing Study was prepared by the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute of Baruch College under assignment to the Public Advocate of the City of New York, Betsy Gotbaum, and on behalf of the City Council. The Report consists of five documents which together enumerate the state of New York City’s affordable housing, the historical problems of housing support programs, the policy considerations that are currently in play, and recommendations about how the housing need can be met through innovative production, financing, and incentive mechanisms.

Part One of the report exposes the gap between the demand and supply of affordable housing in New York City. It presents the trends, dimensions, and basic reasons for the city's ongoing affordable housing crisis, as well as an inventory of programs that are presently available to produce new affordable housing.

Part Two presents the key elements and trade-offs associated with inclusionary zoning and related zoning options to promote new housing development, and particularly affordable housing development, in New York City.

Part Three provides recommendations on inclusionary and related zoning options, as well as an ambitious concept to vastly expand affordable housing production.

Part Four is a new atlas of the City of New York, showing the availability of land for redevelopment, by census tract. This is a joint effort of the Newman Institute and the Center for Advanced Research of Spatial Information at Hunter College.

Part Five of the Report is a compendium of affordable housing programs in different jurisdictions across the nation.

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Affordable Housing in New York City Conference Publications: Definitions/Options

Part 1

The Context of Affordable Housing in New York City

Part 2

Inclusionary and Related Zoning Approaches to Affordable Housing Policy Options

Part 3

New York City Affordable Housing Policy Options

pp 55-108
pp 109-114
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*pages 237-245 are available via facsimile by calling 212-669-7200.

Part 4

Available upon request from the Newman Institute, 646-660-6950.

Part 5

Affordable Housing Compendium: Summary: National Affordable Housing Programs