Steven L Newman Real Estate School

Real Estate Licensing, Continuing Education, Certificates & Individual Courses

Located in the heart of New York City, the Institute offers continuing education courses in real estate under the auspices of the Baruch College Division of Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS). Our course offerings are divided into four tracks: required New York State Licensing Courses, New York State-approved Continuing Education Courses, Certificate Programs, and Individual Courses in Real Estate.

New York Real Estate Licensing

Looking to become a licensed real estate agent? Need a State-required refresher course? We offer New York State-approved courses for professionals seeking to obtain or renew a real estate license. Get a New York Real Estate Salesperson’s License. Agents, become a Licensed Real Estate Broker. We also offer licensing courses in Home Inspection. Taught by some of the city’s most successful professionals, these courses are easily affordable, meet even the most demanding schedules, and prepare you for success.

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NY State-Approved Continuing Education Credit Courses

To maintain your New York State Salesperson’s or Broker’s license, take our conveniently scheduled, State-approved real estate continuing education credit courses.

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Certificate Programs in Real Estate — Pay as you go or pay upfront &
SAVE 20%

The Newman Real Estate Institute offers eight certificate programs for real estate professionals: the Certificate in Real Estate Principles, Sustainable Real Estate Development, Construction Project Management, Real Estate Finance Certificate, Real Estate Management Certificate, Real Estate Marketing and Sales Certificate, Real Estate Appraisals Certificate, and the Certificate in Facilities Management. Our certificate programs - delivered at reasonable cost with flexible payment and scheduling options - are an excellent way to enhance your knowledge of the industry, earn a promotion, or make yourself more marketable to potential employers. To learn more about our certificate programs Click Here.

Individual Courses in Real Estate

From real estate industry pros seeking knowledge in a particular subject to investors looking for an extra edge in the high-stakes game of real estate, our individual courses in real estate offer some of the most up-to-date curriculum available to the professional New York metropolitan real estate community. Taught by leading professionals, our courses cover the market in depth, are affordable by design, and offer scheduling options to accommodate even the busiest professional. Our curriculum has the depth and breadth to satisfy the demands of employers and investors in today’s complex real estate industry. For a complete list of course offerings Click Here or download our Current Course Catalog.