Newman Hall

Profile of William Frederick Schacht A.I.A./R.A.

Mr. Schacht is currently active in private consultancy including involvement with New York New Visions, a coalition developed to provide guidelines, standards and recommendations for New York City’s Ground Zero. He has over forty years of experience in the practice of architecture and urban design, with a current focus on educational and professional consultancy services regarding design, projects management, construction administration, and firm development. Personally responsible for an array of award winning projects in commercial, institutional, research and development, residential and industrial market sectors.

Mr. Schacht holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Illinois, a Masters of Science in Urban Design from Columbia University and a Masters of Urban Design from City University of New York.

Mr. Schacht is a registered Architect in the states of New York and Michigan and has been awarded over seventeen international, national, state and New York City design awards for his work.