Newman Hall

Profile of Bob Wiesenfeld

Mr. Wiesenfeld is an experienced and devoted faculty member dedicated to the enrichment of each and every student. This year marks a decade of service at Baruch College in educating the real estate industry.

“Today, our community is undergoing transformational change. If we are not being buffeted by the economic headwinds then we are being challenged by the new tools of the social media landscape. In the courses I teach here at the school I make it my business to incorporate into my curriculum the latest and greatest concepts/ideas that are working right now.” Among the courses Mr. Wiesenfeld teaches are the Notary Public and Senior Housing. Both are driven by the need to understand the rapid developments and changes in real estate attributable to new software, the Internet, and social media tools as well as the important emergence of the aging Baby Boomer generation, the fastest growing population group in the country, and their effect on the housing market.

Mr. Wiesenfeld is a proud father and a Big Brother mentor for twenty-five years. Bob received a B.A. in Museum Administration from the University of Hartford.