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Launch or Advance Your Real Estate Career

In a weak economy, jobs are of paramount concern. As an institute that educates students to enter the field of real estate and advance within it, we monitor and assess market conditions and employment prospects closely, drawing from our extensive networks within the industry. Our current assessment is this:

Despite the recent historic contractions in the industry, it is certain to remain a major sector of the economy — and thus a major employer — for many years to come. Its functioning is simply indispensable to households and businesses.

It will thus always need the talents of many professionals with many kinds of skills and expertise.

Most jobs in the industry cannot be outsourced.

During economic downturns, employers adapt to change. Staff turnover may be slowed, but it continues. Hiring, lateral moves, and promotions continue to take place daily.

And as the industry restructures, new opportunities continually arise.

In scope, the industry is exceptionally broad. Beyond core market functions — finance, investment, development, construction, sales and leasing, property and facilities management, appraisal, and brokerage — it encompasses law, architecture and engineering, urban planning and design, affordable housing, infrastructure, economics, and yet other subjects and disciplines. Sustainability goals are now reshaping the field.

To help newcomers to the field envision possible futures for themselves, we intend to develop web pages that sketch representative career paths, as well as emerging green jobs.

We also want to offer features that will help employers and job seekers find each other. For now, here are several online job boards for New York City and the metro area:

The Real Deal Job Board

We welcome your suggestions for how to make these pages best serve people who want to enter the field and advance within it:

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