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New York Salesperson's License

78-Hour Pre-Qualifying Salesperson's course

George Donohue,  Fall Semester - NCP60000 - 9/26/2015 - 10/25/2015

“George was amazing, he engaged class in discussions, made the class interesting, and made us remember a lot of things based on great examples! I was really happy to have George as an instructor.”

“George is a very good professor; he is patient, gives helpful information both related to the course and field. Thank you!”

“The instructor had a wealth of relevant experience and knowledge. Real world applications and anecdotes made it a pleasure to attend these classes.”

“Wonderful teacher a true inspiration, someone to look up to.” Boris”

Dr. Conrad Richards,  Summer Semester -  NCP6000 - 7/11 - 8/9/2015

“I found Dr. Conrad to be extremely knowledgeable about the subject and he brought real value to the class. This work was challenging but the way in which he taught made me comprehend much of the content. He was extremely professional an courteous to all of us. Dr. Richards is a true gem here at Baruch and I am proud to have learned from him and from his knowledge and experience. He has a great sense of humor.”

George Donohue, Summer Semester - NCP6000 - 6/8-19/2015

"Excellent Professor, Good Course””

“Enjoyed Interactive classes, Donohue was personable and a true professional.”

“George is an extraordinary teacher. He not only bought the “dry” material to life, but gave us incredible advice on how to apply knowledge and be successful.”

“George’s stories and knowledge in the industry allowed me to not only understand certain topics, but also gave me a greater appreciation and solidified my passion for the industry.

“George Donohue was an exceptional instructor! His immense wealth of knowledge and real practical experience made his instruction both thorough and fascinating. I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn about the art of real estate & negotiation.”

Dr. Conrad Richards, Summer Semester, 5/30-6/28/2015)

“Dr. Richards' professionalism, excellent teaching skills and sincere interest in maximizing the student experience is greatly appreciated!”

“Mr. Richards is wonderful! This course exceeded my expectations!”

Very comprehensive class and a great overall discussion of real estate and related business. An engaging and enthusiastic teacher who evoked genuine interest in the material."

Tripp Weber

NYS Real Estate Licensed Salesperson

“Hi George,
I hope this email finds you well and healthy. I just want to drop you a note and say hi. I enjoyed your class immensely, you made the sessions entertaining, informative and sharing your wealth of knowledge. Thank you for sharing your vast experiences. I am so glad I have selected Baruch, at a result I was able to have a world class instructor”

Best Wishes!


NYS Real Estate Licensed Salesperson

"A friendly environment offering great instruction by top leaders in real estate."

Marcelo Llangari

NYS Real Estate Licensed Salesperson