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Profile of Eric Dickie, B.Sc.,M.A.

Eric Dickie, B.Sc., M.A., has a high level of knowledge and experience in the geothermal/geoexchange world. A strong construction background, with journeyman’s certification and project management experience, ensures that his perspective is wide. His experience in the energy exchange world goes back some twenty years, over which time he founded Delta Geothermal Ltd. Eric has done many industry presentations on various aspects of energy exchange (using both the ground and other mediums as heat sinks and sources) and taught literally thousands of course participants within both the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association and the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition structures. Eric has won national awards for his involvement in cutting edge projects and has done research and application in the control structure of the innovative field of radiant cooling. With an interest in taking the efficiency of projects beyond the basics, Eric is passionate about the geothermal industry and thoroughly enjoys sharing and building the body of knowledge around it. He is the author of Energy Exchange – Geothermal Exchange and Beyond, a textbook that will be used as a key resource in this course. Eric’s exceptional background and strong presentation skills always create a positive classroom experience.