2020 Roundtable

Mission, Goals & Vision

Our mission is straightforward: to directly serve the real estate industry’s education and research needs.
  • Through professional education courses and workshops, we train current practitioners and the next generation of real estate professionals, helping them succeed in, and contribute to, an evolving marketplace.
  • Through applied multidisciplinary research and publications, we explore critical issues facing the industry.
  • Our lively public events convene industry experts to share their knowledge and advance thinking in the field.

Individuals, companies, nonprofit organizations, and public agencies all benefit from our work. Our goals are to serve them responsively and effectively while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in our classrooms, research projects, publications, and events.

Our vision is of an Institute that is not only looked to but relied upon, for steadfast integrity, penetrating insight, common sense, and fresh thinking.

Core Functions

Our work is shaped, of course, by the nature of the industry we serve. That industry is broad, complex, dynamic, and vital to the economy. Its impacts range from household to global scales. It's now roiled by dramatic economic change and clouded by uncertainties. It's also confronted by the increasingly urgent challenge of achieving sustainability. The amount of information it generates every single day is immense and growing.

Accordingly, two core functions drive our work. One is skillful listening — a continuous process of monitoring salient market conditions and policy developments. This ensures that timely insight informs our course content and that our research, publications, and public events are addressing the issues that matter most.

The other function is evaluating, clarifying, and synthesizing complex information into manageable forms of knowledge and delivering it in ways that busy practitioners can readily use. With information overload ever more burdensome, this “dashboard model” is now indispensable.

Together, these core functions equip us to not only serve the industry but play a leadership role in it. Recent examples of our leadership include these:
  • Our broad initiatives to accelerate the massive transfer of knowledge needed to achieve sustainability
  • Our Downtown 2020 report proposing strategic long-term investments in Lower Manhattan.
As the real estate industry heads further into a turbulent future, we’re scaling up our capacity to perform our core functions:
  • By significantly expanding our partnerships and collaborations, we’re leveraging our reach and ensuring that the insights we distill from our relationships grow steadily richer.
  • To make our content universally accessible, we’re greatly increasing our uses of electronic media.

However the industry evolves, we’re confident these measures will help us advance our mission successfully far into the future.