Department of Public Safety

Locksmith Shop



The Locksmith Shop of Baruch College reports to the Department of Public Safety. All keys for the doors, desks and cabinets in Baruch are cut here. It is responsible for the installation and maintenance of every lock on every door in all the buildings that are owned by Baruch.

Rick DuskiewiczRick Duskiewicz worked as a retail locksmith for over ten years before coming to Baruch. Much of the work involved repairing doors and frames after a forced entry. He also worked with City Marshals on evictions, and advised customers on how to better protect themselves against burglary.


Rick is a Founding Member of the New York Association of In‑house Locksmiths, Inc., an organization that promotes continuing locksmithing education for institutional locksmiths. He is also a National Director for the Institutional Locksmiths’ Association.


He is licensed by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.


If you need any lock changes or keys, all requests must be submitted to the Department of Public Safety by either the department chair or manager.