Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Archive of Messages from the Associate Provost

Juried Show at the Mishkin Gallery (1/22/15)

Results of Student Evaluation of Courses and Teaching for Fall 2014 (1/22/15)

Winter 2015 Grading Period (1/16/15)

Upcoming Workshops for the New Version of the Clicker Software: TurningPoint 5 (1/13/15)

Upcoming IDEATE Researcher Training/ IRBNet Closure (1/9/15)

Winter 2015 Verification of Attendance (January 6-8) (1/7/15)

Updated Grade Reminder memo (12/29/14)

Grade Reminder memo (12/29/14)

Please do not forget to "post" your grades (and not just "submit" them) (12/23/14)

Call for Presentations: CUNY Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2015 (12/22/14)

REVISED Message from Carol Schechter, Ethics Officer: NYS Business Relationship Forms due January 5, 2015 (12/19/14)

Fall 2014 Final Grading Period (December 17, 2014 - December 31, 2014 (12/11/14)

Learning Goals, Student Outcomes, and Curriculum Management - Dec 16 Faculty Workshop (12/11/14)

Telephone Scam Alert (12/10/14)

Reminder and Suggestion re. Student Evaluations of Courses and Teaching (12/10/14)

Bookstore Display of Faculty Authored Books (12/10/14)

CUNY Blackboard New Features Release (12/9/14)

Taking a Breath - Baruch College Town Hall on Tuesday, December 9 at 12:45pm in NVC 1-107 (12/8/14)

Two History Department Events next week (12/3/14)

Cultural Vistas Fellowship Info Session - for rising juniors and seniors with ≥3.0 GPA (12/3/14)

Reminder: Upcoming Change in HRPP/IRB Software (12/3/14)

Student Evaluations of Courses and Teaching (12/2/14)

Plenary Meeting of the Faculty Senate, Thursday, December 4 at 12:45 (12/1/14)

Baruch College Collaborative Research Travel Grant - Turkey Program Round 1 (12/1/14)

Diane Ravitch on the Uses and Abuses of Data in Education Reform (12/1/14)

Multiple Position Policy/Forms (12/1/14)


Journey to Planet Earth: "Extreme Realities" - Film Screening and Panel Discussion on 12/2 (11/25/14)

Workshop on Data Visualization in the Classroom (11/25/14)

Invitation to Suggest Titles for the Fall 2015 Freshman Text (11/24/14)

Final Exams and Academic Integrity (11/24/14)

Call for Applications: Faculty Fellow in Global Strategies (11/21/14)

Call for proposals for the CUNY Diversity and Inclusion Conference (11/21/14)

Appointment of New Director of College Now: Maziely Crisostomo (11/19/14)

November 19: CUNY Citizenship and Naturalization Project and Baruch/ International Student Service Center (11/18/14)

Forum on Higher Education Innovation, December 4, 2014 (11/18/14)

For your students: Fellowship Info Session (11/18/14)

A reading and celebration of Bridgett Davis’s new novel, Into the Go-Slow (11/17/14)

Lecture By Nobel Prize Winning Economist Kenneth Arrow on November 19 (11/17/14)

Lecture on Nov. 20: Nueva York, imaginación y escritura (11/14/14)

Blogs@Baruch and Vocat Workshops (11/12/14)

Lysistrata comes to Baruch next week  (11/12/14)

J Time Block Time Adjustment - Spring 2015 (11/11/14)

Business Fellowships Information Session (11/10/14)

From Black Death to Ebola: How Globalization Connected The World of Pathogen - Lecture by Nayan Chanda, Thursday, Nov. 13 (11/10/14)

Nominations for the Presidential Excellence Awards for Distinguished Scholarship, Teaching (full-time and adjunct), and Service (11/10/14)

Baruch Means Beethoven (and Mozart, Kodály, and Shostakovich) (11/10/14)

IMPORTANT ALERT: Upcoming Change in HRPP/IRB Software (11/7/14)

REMINDER: Plenary Meeting of the Faculty Senate, Thursday, November 6 at 12:45 (11/6/14)

CUNY Conflicts of Interest policy (11/3/14)

Jewish Women's Film Festival at Baruch (10/31/14)

Call to faculty and staff to help plan upcoming heritage months (10/30/14)

Abraham J. Briloff Prizes in Ethics  (10/29/14)

Book orders for spring and winter - due Nov 14 (10/28/14)

Academic support services for students (10/27/14)

2014 CUNY Nobel Science Challenge (10/22/14)

Schwarzman Scholars - Info Session Announcement (10/21/14)

Academic Integrity Event/Contest (10/21/14)

Higher Education Forum, October 23rd (10/17/14)

Out of Darkness Walk (10/17/14)

A panel discussion: Freedom of Information in a Genetically Modified Age: Water, Food, Health, and Environment (10/17/14)

Honorary Degrees (10/15/14)

Making a Difference in Student Learning (10/15/14)

“Women’s Representation in Latin America: The Difference Quotas Make” (10/8/14)

Call for abstracts on game-based pedagogies (10/8/14)

REMINDER: Plenary Meeting of the Faculty Senate, Thursday, October 2 (10/1/14)

From the Baruch bookstore: Do You Need Texts to Be Held in Stock? (10/1/14)

Online submission of WU grades for excessive unexcused absences (9/30/14)

Distinguished Fellowship Program at the CUNY Graduate Center (9/26/14)

Ethics Lecture at the Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity  (9/22/14)

Free tickets for "It Has to Be You" at the Abingdon Theatre   (9/19/14)

CUNYfirst will be down for scheduled maintenance from 7:00pm Saturday, September 20 until approximately 7:00pm Sunday, September 21 (9/18/14)

Climate Change March - Sept. 21 (9/16/14)

Appointment of Professor Kristin Sommer as the Baruch College Research Integrity Officer (9/16/14)

Verification of attendance roster (formerly eCertification) - 18-23 September (9/16/14)

International Conference on Undergraduate Research, Sept. 23 (9/15/14)

Tools for Clear Speech Services for Baruch's Nonnative English Speakers (9/11/14)

The passing of Emeritus Professor Samuel A. Dyckman (9/9/14)

Gender Fluid Series at BPAC THIS WEEK! (9/9/14)

Memorial Lecture in honor of Professor Barbara Gluck (9/4/14)

Special Meeting of the Faculty Senate, September 23 (9/4/14)

Fall workshops for online and hybrid instruction  (9/3/2014)

CUNY IBM Watson Competition - please announce to your students (9/3/14)

Scheduling Final Examinations (9/2/14)

Writing Center news for faculty (9/2/14)

Services for Students with Disabilities (8/29/14)

SAVE THE DATE - Ninth Annual CUNY Black Male Initiative Conference - Friday, October 3, 8:30am-6:30pm, at Baruch College (8/29/13)

Please share this with your students: the Conversation Partners Program  (8/28/14)

Some upcoming features of the academic calendar for fall 2014 (8/26/14)

Fulbright Information Session (8/22/14)

Academic integrity statements for your syllabus (8/22/14)

Provost's Announcement Welcoming New Faculty (8/20/14)

Spring 2014 course and instructor evaluations (8/18/14)

The appointment of Heather Samples as Director of the Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute (7/21/14)

Rubin Museum Block Party (7/16/14)

Faculty voice in Baruch Heritage Month planning committees (7/8/14)

Book Orders (7/1/14)

Student evaluations for summer session I (7/1/14)

Summer 2014 Session III - Attendance Verification (June 26 - July 3, 2014) (6/26/14)

Freshman text for fall 2014 (6/18/14)

Summer 2014 Session I - Attendance Verification (June 12 - June 17, 2014) (6/12/14)

Course Evaluaton Results (5/30/14)

Course Evaluation "Opt-Out" Form (5/29/14)

Grading Deadline Extended (5/29/14)

Spring 2014 Grading Reminder (5/28/14)

Voluntary Phased Retirement (5/19/14)

Commencement Reminders (5/19/14)

Placing Book Orders for Fall (5/16/14)

Guidelines for Undergraduate and Graduate Students Participating in Sponsored Trips (5/15/14)

Research in the Classroom-- New Grant Program (5/9/14)

Digital Edition of The New York Times - Free to Baruch Students, Faculty, and Staff (5/9/14)

Inviting Faculty to Attend City Council Executive Budget Hearing on May 16th (5/7/14)

Summer workshops for online and hybrid instruction (5/6/14)

Institute for Virtual Enterprise Conference (5/5/14)

The Arts in Higher Education - An Invitation to a Higher Education Innovations Forum, May 8 (5/3/14)

Passing of Professor Fran Barasch (5/3/14)

Memorial Service for Howard Lentner  (5/2/14)

Contemporary Writers on the Classics - Before the flame, a spark (4/30/14)

Join us as SEEK recognizes Glenn Peterson, Donna Haggarty, and Jeffrey Sampson - Friday May 2 (4/29/14)

Baruch Means Bartók (and Mozart) (4/29/14)

Student Evaluations of Courses and Teaching (4/28/14)

Arts. Artists, and De Blasio's New York - April 30 (6:30pm) (4/25/14)

Friedman Symposium: U.S. Economic Mobilization in World War II (MAY 1, 12:45)  (4/25/14)


Discussion of the IRB review and Oral History (4/24/14)

Faculty development roundtable: Utilizing the Rubin Museum for Great Works Classes (4/23/14)

Invitation to faculty to answer a quick survey for a research project regarding CUNYFirst (4/22/14)

us-europe seminar: GERMANY, RUSSIA, UKRAINE - Perspectives on New Conflicts on the Empires’ Edge (4/22/14)

Spring Multiple Position Reports (4/22/14)

Weissman Brown Bag: April 24th  (4/21/14)

Assessment at Baruch: What are we doing and why? (4/21/14)

Women and Entrepreneurship - an invitation from Vice Chancellor (4/16/14)

Fellowship opportunity (4/16/14)

Presidential Excellence Awards for Distinguished Scholarship, Service, and Teaching (4/14/14)

REMINDER: Order your Academic Regalia for Commencement! (4/10/14)

Research in the Classroom: A CUNY Workshop (4/9/14)

Talking (And Not Talking) About Race on Campus (4/9/14)

The Structure of Success: Scaffolding Assignments - upcoming faculty development roundtable (4/8/14)

Invitation to the College Community (4/7/14)

5th Annual Paul André Feit Memorial Lecture - room change (4/7/14)

For your students: UK & Ireland Scholarship information session (4/3/14)

Course Enhancement, Research/Travel, and BLS Faculty Grants, AY 2014-15 (4/3/14)

April 2 - Creativity and The City: The Arts and Profound Change (3/31/14)

Faculty Roundtable: Writing Poems and Translating Texts - Analysis and Comprehension Through Creativity? (3/31/14)

Oral History Workshop April 3 - for faculty and students  (3/31/14)

Spring 2014 Ackerman Lecture (3/24/14)

Faculty Development Roundtable: Responding to students with disabilities (3/24/14)

What is gained and what is lost when parts of large lecture courses are moved online? (3/24/14)

East Harlem/El Barrio Recovery (3/20/14)

Baruch College Collaborative Research Travel Grant- Brazil Program Round 1  (3/19/14)

An event TONIGHT - Cultural Institutions, Artists, and Public Policy: The Creative Side of Life (3/19/14)

Fulbright Fellowship – INFORMATION SESSION (3/18/14)

Committee Elections - reminder e-mail  (3/17/14)

Commencement #49 will be a double-header! (3/16/14)

Memorial for Barbara Gluck (3/13/14)

The Paul André Feit Memorial Lectures Series at Baruch College (3/12/14)

Ethics Week 2014 (March 17-23) (3/11/14)

U.S. – Europe Seminar (3/10/14)

Celebration of undergraduate research and creative work: Creative Inquiry Day, May 8  (3/5/14)

How To Assess Learning Levels Using Multiple Choice Tests & Bloom's Taxonomy (3/5/14)

Invitation to join the planning committee for the 2014 BMI conference (3/4/14)

Writing About Numbers - a Faculty Roundtable (3/4/14)

Research presentations at Baruch (2/27/14)

Time for returning textbooks to the publishers - unless you notify us   (2/24/14)

General Faculty Committee Membership (2/24/14)

Spring 2014 eCertification Reminder (2/24/14)

Facilitating Meaningful Classroom Discussion- Faculty Roundtable this Thursday (2/24/14)

Baruch College's Forty-Ninth Commencement Exercises - Madison Square Garden, May 27  (2/20/14)

Certifying your classes this spring (2/13/14)

Some features of the academic calendar for spring 2014  (2/10/14)

Speaking in Large Lectures without Straining (2/10/14)

Professor Howard Lentner (2/7/14)

Conversation Partners Program - Please announce to your students (2/4/14)

A few reminders to all instructors (2/4/14)

An Invitation to the next Weissman Brown Bag (1/31/14)

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Maltreatment (1/30/14)

2014 CUE Conference - Information and call for Proposals (1/30/14)

Emergency Funding for Baruch Students (1/30/14)

Invite the Writing Center to visit your classroom (1/24/14)

Services for Students with Disabilities (1/24/14)

Invitation to join the planning committee for the 2014 BMI conference (1/6/14)

Invitation to Suggest Titles for the Fall 2014 Freshman Text  (1/6/14)

Nominate your students writing for publication (12/19/13)

Fall 2013 Web Grading (12/13/13)

Changes in library fines (12/10/13)

January workshop for online/hybrid instruction (12/5/13)

Baruch Holiday Drive (12/4/13)


Final Exams and Academic Integrity (12/3/13)

Please announce or post to your students: The Writing Life - Getting a Job in Publishing (12/2/13)

Forum on Higher Education Innovation (11/21/13)

Student Course and Faculty Evaluations for Fall 2013 - a change of procedure (11/20/13)

The Future of Doctoral Education at CUNY: Faculty Senate Conference on Friday, December 6, 8:45am-12:15pm@Baruch (11/19/13)

Tomorrow: Global Studies Faculty Seminar (11/19/13)

Free String Quartet Concert on Thursday Afternoon at 2:45 (11/18/13)

Baruch Means Britten and Shostakovich! (11/15/13)

Information Session: Truman Scholarship and Public Service Fellowships (11/13/13)

Ethics Week 2014 (March 17-22)  (11/13/13)

A Deeper Dive into Instructional Technologys (11/12/13)

Innovative Writing Pedagogies Beyond the Humanities (11/11/13)

CUNY Citizenship and Naturalization Project and Baruch/ International Student Service Center (11/8/13)

Nominations for the Presidential Excellence Awards for Distinguished Scholarship, Distinguished Teaching (full-time and adjunct), and Distinguished Service (11/7/13)

Multiple Position Reports - due November 22 (11/5/13)

Recommendations for honorary degree recipients and/or commencement speakers (11/5/13)

Business Fellowships Info Session (11/4/13)

Adopting Textbooks for Spring 2014 and Winter 2014 Classes - by Monday, November 11 (11/4/13)

Please help publicize this event to your students (11/4/13)

An important opportunity for all Baruch researchers who work with human subjects (11/4/13)

Faculty Development Roundtable: Assignment Design and Creativity - Considering the Role of Mistakes and Failures (10/31/13)

Informational Forum: CTL Faculty Fellows Program, Thursday, October 31 from 12:30-2pm in NVC 14-280 (10/29/13)

Information Session TOMORROW: Boren Awards for International Study (10/28/13)

Take a seat at our table and help us celebrate Baruch College's rich multicultural heritage (10/24/13)

Abraham J. Briloff Prizes in Ethics (10/22/13)

An Invitation for The Next Weissman Brown Bag  (10/22/13)

Request for Adjunct Faculty Participation (10/21/13)

Beethoven, Bernstein, and Dvorak@Baruch (10/19/13)

Baruch's Campus Intervention Team(CIT) (10/16/13)

Center for Teaching and Learning - Faculty Fellows Program (10/10/13)

LGBT History Month opens today (10/10/13)

Why the Research Block? A faculty roundtable - Wednesday, Oct. 16 12:30-2pm (10/9/13)

Concerning Commencement (10/1/13)

The Appointment of Marjorie Dorimé-Williams as Director of Academic Assessment (9/30/13)

Global Perspectives: Photography as History, Sociology, and Art -- current exhibition at Baruch's Mishkin Gallery (9/26/13)

Human Subject Research Compliance (9/25/13)

Two Upcoming Events from the Baruch College Volunteer Fair Committee  (9/24/13)

Supporting ESL Students' Oral Communication in the Classroom (A Faculty Development Roundtable Discussion)  (9/19/13)

Community Walk to promote suicide awareness and prevention (9/18/13)

A few reminders to all instructors (9/17/13)

An initiative for our students who are veterans (9/17/13)

Looking for Native English Speakers(students) (9/17/13)

Please certify your rosters: the eCertification period for Fall 2013 will begin on Wednesday, September 18 (9/16/13)

Services for Students with Disabilities (9/9/13)

Scheduling Final Examinations (9/5/13)

Baruch College is a Tobacco-Free Campus (9/5/13)

Workshops in Mapping with Geographic Information Systems (9/4/13)

Some upcoming features of the academic calendar for fall 2013 (9/3/13)

Task Force on Sustainability – Climate change resources for your classes (9/3/13)

technology upgrades in learning spaces across the campus   (8/28/13)

Take a seat at our table and help us celebrate Baruch College's rich multicultural heritage  (8/15/13)

Summer II and III WebGrading (August 15-25, 2013) (8/14/13)

academic integrity statements for your syllabi (8/14/13)

Supporting the Academic Success of Pregnant and Parenting Students (8/8/13)

Convocation announcement and invitation (7/9/13)

Summer 2013 Session I eCertification Memorandum (6/13/13)

FW: Summer workshops for online and hybrid instruction (6/6/13)

transitions between exams (5/22/13)

Sad News: the passing of Greg Price (5/22/13)

Baruch-Rubin Summer Planning Grant Announcement (5/22/13)

Baruch's new General Education website (5/21/13)

(Slightly) Revised Method of Submitting Grades for Spring 2013 (5/20/13)

Summer workshops for online and hybrid instruction (5/16/13)

Virtual Enterprise Conference, June 5-7 (5/16/13)

Final exams and grading - several items (spring 2013) (5/13/13)

Spring 2013 WebGrading (May 18-29, 2013) (5/10/13)

The Poetics of Lynching and the Flight from Racism: Dante, Allen Tate, and other Freedom Readers (5/9/13)


Conference: Jewish Arts and Identity in the Contemporary World (4/30/13)

Finals and Academic Integrity (4/29/13)

Faculty Roundtable: Preparing Students to Critique and Produce Media Effectively  (4/26/13)

Winners of the 2013 Presidential Excellence Awards for Distinguished Scholarship, Service, and Teaching (4/22/13)

Alexander String Quartet at Baruch: Mozart & Shostakovich (4/19/13)

What are you wearing at Commencement? The deadline is Monday, April 22 (4/17/13)

Roundtable Discussion: Blending of the Arts and Business for Better Pedagogy (4/15/13)

Supporting English Language Learners at Baruch - back by popular demand (4/12/13)

Shavuot (May 14-16) (4/12/13)

Upcoming programs for Asian Pacific-American Heritage Month  (4/11/13)

Helping Veterans on Baruch's Campus (4/8/13)

Supporting English Language Learners at Baruch - Tuesday, April 9, 12:30-2:00, NVC 14-267 (4/4/13)

Baruch's Campus Intervention Team (CIT) (4/2/13)

Help us help your ESL students (4/2/13)

Responding to Student Writing (3/20/13)

Commencement is fast approaching: order your faculty robes today! (3/20/13)

Academic services for students (3/19/13)

Abraham J. Briloff Prizes in Ethics (3/18/13)

Reminder and one postponement: Ethics Week 2013 - March 18-23 (3/18/13)

Ethics Week 2013 - March 18-23 (3/13/13)

Memorial Reception in Honor of Baruch History Professor Alfonso Quiroz (1956-2013) (3/13/13)

Midterms/Finals and Academic Integrity (3/12/13)

Workshop: U.S. Student Fulbright Program Information Session (3/8/13)

Aaron Silberman Concert Series - March 12: clarinet and piano (3/8/13)

Roundtable Discussion: Invention in the Classroom (3/6/13)

Movie Screening and Discussion for Women's History Month sponsored by the Office of Student Life (2/28/13)

Message from bookstore (2/25/13)

comments on student evaluations may now be submitted anonymously or signed (2/20/13)

Baruch's 48th Commencement Exercises (2/19/13)

eCertification for Spring 2013: February 19 - 27 (2/15/13)

comments sought on evaluation of courses and teaching at Baruch (2/14/13)

Revised Saturday class schedule for the remainder of the spring semester (2/13/13)

Scheduling Final Exams (2/4/13)

Due Feb 15: Submissions for the Briloff Prize in Ethics 2012-2013 (2/4/13)

A few reminders to all instructors (1/31/13)

Baruch College Rubin Museum of Art Conference (1/31/13)

Tools for Clear Speech Services for Baruch's ESL and Nonnative Students (1/29/13)

Services for Students with Disabilities  (1/29/13)

Some notes regarding grades (1/29/13)

Upcoming features of the academic calendar for spring 2013  (1/28/13)

Stephen P. Andrus Photographic Exhibition & Remembrance -- Thursday, February 7th (1/28/13)

academic integrity statement for your syllabi (1/24/13)

Ethics Week 2013 (March18-23)  (1/15/13)

Wake and Memorial for Prof. Alfonso Quiroz (1/3/13)

"The Art of Feedback," an online workshop, January 14-21 (1/2/13)

Textbook information (re. recent communication from the Bookstore) (12/20/12)

CUNY Program for Online/Hybrid Instruction: January workshop registration (12/14/12)

WebGrade will be opening at midnight Friday, December 14th (12/12/12)

Submitting student work to (12/10/12)

"Translation Matters," Lecture by Edith Grossman (12/10/12)

Responding to Student Writing  (12/3/12)

Final Examination Conflicts and Schedule (11/28/12)

Cancelled: Writing Pedagogy in the Science Classroom roundtable discussion (to be re-scheduled) (11/28/12)

Room assignments for Tuesday make-up classes (to be held this Sunday, December 2)  (11/27/12)

Nominations for the Presidential Excellence Awards for Distinguished Scholarship, Distinguished Teaching (full-time and adjunct), and Distinguished Service (11/26/12)

Roundtable Discussion: Writing Pedagogy in the Science Classroom   (11/26/12)


Invitation to Suggest Titles for the Fall 2013 Freshman Text  (11/19/12)

D&S storm coverage (11/15/12)

Schedule/Rooms for Monday classes meeting on Sunday, November 18 (11/15/12)

Naturalization Day (11/9/12)

3 upcoming events: Oral Presentation Assignment Design; Etgar Keret - The Real and the Imagined; 3D Printing and Making Across the Curriculum (11/9/12)

making up for lost time--online (11/8/12)

Baruch Means Schubert! (11/8/12)

ADDENDUM CLARIFICATION: Hurricane Sandy make-up days for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (11/8/12)

Make-up classes; Deadline for "W" withdrawal and Book List; Opening of Spring registration (11/6/12)

Multiple Position Reports (10/25/12)

three upcoming events (10/24/12)

Exploring ESL Challenges Oral and Written Communication (10/16/12)

An important announcement to faculty (10/9/12)

Multimedia and Blogging in the Classroom (10/3/12)

Briloff Prize in Ethics 2012-2013 (10/3/12)

If you have already certified your rosters, thank you. If not, please do so by 11:59pm tonight. (9/27/12)

Quantitative Reasoning National Numeracy Network (NNN) at Lehman and Macaulay, Oct. 12-13 (9/24/12)

Project REACH and Diversity Projects Development Fund (9/24/12)

Please certify your rosters: reminder--no classes tomorrow and Wednesday (9/24/12)

Nominations for Honorary Degrees - revised deadline (9/21/12)

Town Hall Meeting on the Strategic Plan: Thursday, September 27, 12:45-2:15, NVC 5-105 (9/19/12)

Provost's announcement regarding EMS FSA cheating allegations (9/19/12)

REMINDER: mandatory certification period began yesterday (9/19/12)

Human Subject Research Compliance (9/18/12)


Registration open for online teaching workshops (9/17/12)

A very important announcement for your students (9/13/12)

A few reminders to all instructors (9/12/12)

Important mandatory certification of Rosters coming next week (9/12/12)

Writing Center Updates - Fall2012 (9/7/12)

Upcoming Workshops: Blogs@Baruch and VOCAT (9/6/12)

Geographic Information Systems Workshops for Fall 2012 (9/4/12)

Cheating In An Online Environment How To Prevent, Detect, & Deter Dishonesty (8/31/12)

FW: Scheduling Final Examinations (8/29/12)

A Message from Interim Provost John Brenkman Concerning Commencement (8/29/12)

Some notes regarding grades (8/23/12)

Services for Students with Disabilities (8/23/12)

for your syllabi (8/22/12)

Upcoming features of the academic calendar for fall 2012 (8/14/12)

Application for the Baruch College Rubin Museum Faculty Fellows Program (8/2/12)

CUNY Upgrade to Blackboard 9.1 Status Update (8/2/12)

Summer II Attendance Certification (July30-August2) (7/30/12)

An Invitation to Convocation (7/18/12)

Summer 1 Web grade is open (7/16/12)

Summer I Attendance Certification (June25-28) (6/19/12)

CUNY Upgrade to Blackboard 9.1 June Status Update (6/14/12)

Pathways update (6/14/12)

Web Grade availability for Spring 2012 ends tonight! (5/29/12)

Faculty opportunities in Brazil (5/21/12)

CUNY Upgrade to Blackboard 9.1 Status Update (5/17/12)

Thinking About Civic Engagement at a Metropolitan Public University (5/8/12)

Nominate your students' strongest writing for publication in i Magazine (5/7/12)

.Final exams and grading- several items (spring2012) (4/30/12)

Annual D&S event -- a May 1 Roundtable on the future of journalism (4/25/12)

lecture announcement (4/25/12)

Inaugural Lecture of Professor Ana Yolanda-Ramos Zayas- May1 (4/23/12)

The String Quartets of Béla Bartók (4/20/12)

There is such a thing as a free lunch (4/20/12)

Freshman Text for Fall 2012 (4/19/12)

Faculty Support Opportunities under the Rubin Foundation Grant (4/18/12)

Baruch College Jewish Studies Center Event, April 25 (4/16/12)

Effective & Dynamic Assignment Design Workshop (4/16/12)

FREE Reading of Miss Julie by August Strindberg at Baruch PAC (3/29/12)

Direct from CUBA: Omni Zona Franca Hip Hop Collective- Upcoming event co-sponsored by BHS, MLCL and SOC/ANT (3/22/12)

Publishing Technology and the Future of the Academy- 3/29 at 6 pm (3/20/12)

Call for Proposals Valentin Lizana y Parrague grants for AY 2012-13 (3/19/12)

CUNY's Annual Conference of CUE (Coordinated Undergraduate Education) and RFP (3/19/12)

Some notes regarding grades (3/16/12)

Ethics Week 2012 (3/14/12)

Tenth Annual Faculty Recognition Ceremony- Monday 3/26 at 4pm (3/14/12)

Screening of film "A Better Life" at Baruch College on March 23rd (3/13/12)

Commencement is Wednesday May 30. Please RSVP your attendance and order your cap and gowns now. (3/13/12)

ESL Roundtable (3/12/12)

Director of the Baruch College Honors Programs (3/8/12)

Scheduling Final Examinations (3/8/12)

Research Ethics Forum and Ethics Week 2012 (3/7/12)

Muslims in the News Media: Is the Coverage Fair? (2/27/12)

Campus Intervention Team- anticipating and addressing student crisis situations (2/24/12)

Digital Citizenship (2/23/12)

Please Read: Core Curriculum Changes for our Undergraduates (2/22/12)

Reminder: Spring 2012 Attendance Certification (2/22/12)

Services for Students with Disabilities (2/22/12)

Commencement-Wednesday, May 30th (2/22/12)

Journeys Through Nepal and India-an evening of poetry and photographs (2/21/12)

Don't Leave Trash Behind-Take It With You! (2/16/12)

Seminar-Assessment of Hybrid and Online Courses (2/15/12)

REMINDER: Monday 2/20 and Tuesday 2/21 (2/14/12)


A few reminders to all instructors (2/7/12)

Seeking Nominations for the Presidential Excellence Awards (2/3/12)

Upcoming Spring 2012 Attendance Certification (2/3/12)


Services for Students with Disabilities (1/31/12)

From Provost James McCarthy (1/30/12)

Elections to Committees of the General Faculty (1/27/12)

Writing Center Updates Spring 2012 (1/20/12)

Eugene Lang Program fellowships for tenure-track junior faculty (1/17/12)

A gentle reminder: webgrade will be open until 11:59pm on Jan2 (12/28/11)

Pathways in the Chronicle(part 2) (12/22/11)

Children on Campus (12/22/11)

Nominate student writing for publication in i Magazine  (12/20/11)

Pathways in the Chronicle  (12/16/11)

Webgrade opens at 12:01am tonight (12/14/11)

Climate Change Fellowship Progam  (12/9/11)

Honorary Degrees 2012 (12/9/11)

“Put down the red pen! Grading and commenting on student writing”  (12/5/11)

From Provost McCarthy: Futher on Friday Classes (12/1/11)

 Invitation to Suggest Titles for the Fall 2012 Freshman Text(11/29/11)       

Final exam schedule and "conflict exams" (11/29/11)

UFS Conference at Baruch December 9th  (11/19/11)

Nominations for the 2012 Presidential Excellence Awards (11/14/11)

Science/Arts Symposium at Baruch College (11/11/11)

Everyday speaking and writing workshop (11/10/11)

January certification program for online/hybrid instruction (11/9/11)


Reminder: DIY Web Radio for Teaching and Learning (10/18/11)

From the Baruch College Task Force on Sustainability (10/17/11)

Memorial Service for Regina Goodman (10/14/11)

3 Upcoming Faculty Development Events (10/12/11)

Memorial Service for Thomas McCarthy (10/6/11)

Bookstore Announcement re: Returns to Publishers (10/4/11)

Art Spiegelman Speaks: MetaMaus (10/4/11)

Innovative Pedagogies for the Future of Higher Education (10/3/11)

Student Video Competition: 2011 NYC Financial Awareness (9/28/11)

Important message to members of the faculty teaching Fall 2011 classes (9/16/11)

PSC Travel for Faculty and Staff (9/9/11)

Corrected link AND Items for fall 2011 (9/6/11)

Scheduling Final Examinations (9/6/11)

Services for Students with Disabilities (9/6/11)

CUNY Town Hall Meeting: Human Research Protection Programs & Institutional Review Boards at CUNY (8/31/11)

A few reminders to all instructors (8/31/11)

Writing Center Updates Fall 2011 (8/30/11)

Irene Make-up Day (8/30/11)

Classes Canceled and - new grid explained (8/29/11)

Weekend Classes at Baruch College Postponed (8/26/11)

Recycling Initiative in the NVC (8/25/11)

Harvard Business Review (8/23/11)

Important information for faculty (Fall 2011) (8/23/11)

CUNY Housing: 5 Faculty Apartments Left to lease - 165 E. 118th Street (6/22/11)