Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Reminders and Instuctions for Faculty Archive

The appointment of Heather Samples as Director of the Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute (7/21/14)

Rubin Museum Block Party (7/16/14)

Faculty voice in Baruch Heritage Month planning committees (7/8/14)

Book Orders (7/1/14)

Student evaluations for summer session I (7/1/14)

Summer 2014 Session III - Attendance Verification (June 26 - July 3, 2014) (6/26/14)

Freshman text for fall 2014 (6/18/14)

Summer 2014 Session I - Attendance Verification (June 12 - June 17, 2014) (6/12/14)

Course Evaluaton Results (5/30/14)

Course Evaluation "Opt-Out" Form (5/29/14)

Grading Deadline Extended (5/29/14)

Spring 2014 Grading Reminder (5/28/14)

Voluntary Phased Retirement (5/19/14)

Commencement Reminders (5/19/14)

Placing Book Orders for Fall (5/16/14)

Guidelines for Undergraduate and Graduate Students Participating in Sponsored Trips (5/15/14)

Research in the Classroom-- New Grant Program (5/9/14)

Digital Edition of The New York Times - Free to Baruch Students, Faculty, and Staff (5/9/14)

Inviting Faculty to Attend City Council Executive Budget Hearing on May 16th (5/7/14)

Summer workshops for online and hybrid instruction (5/6/14)

Institute for Virtual Enterprise Conference (5/5/14)

The Arts in Higher Education - An Invitation to a Higher Education Innovations Forum, May 8 (5/3/14)

Passing of Professor Fran Barasch (5/3/14)

Memorial Service for Howard Lentner  (5/2/14)

Contemporary Writers on the Classics - Before the flame, a spark (4/30/14)

Join us as SEEK recognizes Glenn Peterson, Donna Haggarty, and Jeffrey Sampson - Friday May 2 (4/29/14)

Baruch Means Bartók (and Mozart) (4/29/14)

Student Evaluations of Courses and Teaching (4/28/14)

Arts. Artists, and De Blasio's New York - April 30 (6:30pm) (4/25/14)

Friedman Symposium: U.S. Economic Mobilization in World War II (MAY 1, 12:45)  (4/25/14)


Discussion of the IRB review and Oral History (4/24/14)

Faculty development roundtable: Utilizing the Rubin Museum for Great Works Classes (4/23/14)

Invitation to faculty to answer a quick survey for a research project regarding CUNYFirst (4/22/14)

us-europe seminar: GERMANY, RUSSIA, UKRAINE - Perspectives on New Conflicts on the Empires’ Edge (4/22/14)

Spring Multiple Position Reports (4/22/14)

Weissman Brown Bag: April 24th  (4/21/14)

Assessment at Baruch: What are we doing and why? (4/21/14)

Women and Entrepreneurship - an invitation from Vice Chancellor (4/16/14)

Fellowship opportunity (4/16/14)

Presidential Excellence Awards for Distinguished Scholarship, Service, and Teaching (4/14/14)

REMINDER: Order your Academic Regalia for Commencement! (4/10/14)

Research in the Classroom: A CUNY Workshop (4/9/14)

Talking (And Not Talking) About Race on Campus (4/9/14)

The Structure of Success: Scaffolding Assignments - upcoming faculty development roundtable (4/8/14)

Invitation to the College Community (4/7/14)

5th Annual Paul André Feit Memorial Lecture - room change (4/7/14)

For your students: UK & Ireland Scholarship information session (4/3/14)

Course Enhancement, Research/Travel, and BLS Faculty Grants, AY 2014-15 (4/3/14)

April 2 - Creativity and The City: The Arts and Profound Change (3/31/14)

Faculty Roundtable: Writing Poems and Translating Texts - Analysis and Comprehension Through Creativity? (3/31/14)

Oral History Workshop April 3 - for faculty and students  (3/31/14)

Spring 2014 Ackerman Lecture (3/24/14)

Faculty Development Roundtable: Responding to students with disabilities (3/24/14)

What is gained and what is lost when parts of large lecture courses are moved online? (3/24/14)

East Harlem/El Barrio Recovery (3/20/14)

Baruch College Collaborative Research Travel Grant- Brazil Program Round 1  (3/19/14)

An event TONIGHT - Cultural Institutions, Artists, and Public Policy: The Creative Side of Life (3/19/14)

Fulbright Fellowship – INFORMATION SESSION (3/18/14)

Committee Elections - reminder e-mail  (3/17/14)

Commencement #49 will be a double-header! (3/16/14)

Memorial for Barbara Gluck (3/13/14)

The Paul André Feit Memorial Lectures Series at Baruch College (3/12/14)

Ethics Week 2014 (March 17-23) (3/11/14)

U.S. – Europe Seminar (3/10/14)

Celebration of undergraduate research and creative work: Creative Inquiry Day, May 8  (3/5/14)

How To Assess Learning Levels Using Multiple Choice Tests & Bloom's Taxonomy (3/5/14)

Invitation to join the planning committee for the 2014 BMI conference (3/4/14)

Writing About Numbers - a Faculty Roundtable (3/4/14)

Research presentations at Baruch (2/27/14)

Time for returning textbooks to the publishers - unless you notify us   (2/24/14)

General Faculty Committee Membership (2/24/14)

Spring 2014 eCertification Reminder (2/24/14)

Facilitating Meaningful Classroom Discussion- Faculty Roundtable this Thursday (2/24/14)

Baruch College's Forty-Ninth Commencement Exercises - Madison Square Garden, May 27  (2/20/14)

Certifying your classes this spring (2/13/14)

Some features of the academic calendar for spring 2014  (2/10/14)

Speaking in Large Lectures without Straining (2/10/14)

Professor Howard Lentner (2/7/14)

Conversation Partners Program - Please announce to your students (2/4/14)

A few reminders to all instructors (2/4/14)

An Invitation to the next Weissman Brown Bag (1/31/14)

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Maltreatment (1/30/14)

2014 CUE Conference - Information and call for Proposals (1/30/14)

Emergency Funding for Baruch Students (1/30/14)

Invite the Writing Center to visit your classroom (1/24/14)

Services for Students with Disabilities (1/24/14)

Invitation to join the planning committee for the 2014 BMI conference (1/6/14)

Invitation to Suggest Titles for the Fall 2014 Freshman Text  (1/6/14)

Nominate your students writing for publication (12/19/13)

Fall 2013 Web Grading (12/13/13)

Changes in library fines (12/10/13)

January workshop for online/hybrid instruction (12/5/13)

Baruch Holiday Drive (12/4/13)


Final Exams and Academic Integrity (12/3/13)

Please announce or post to your students: The Writing Life - Getting a Job in Publishing (12/2/13)

Forum on Higher Education Innovation (11/21/13)

Student Course and Faculty Evaluations for Fall 2013 - a change of procedure (11/20/13)

The Future of Doctoral Education at CUNY: Faculty Senate Conference on Friday, December 6, 8:45am-12:15pm@Baruch (11/19/13)

Tomorrow: Global Studies Faculty Seminar (11/19/13)

Free String Quartet Concert on Thursday Afternoon at 2:45 (11/18/13)

Baruch Means Britten and Shostakovich! (11/15/13)

Information Session: Truman Scholarship and Public Service Fellowships (11/13/13)

Ethics Week 2014 (March 17-22)  (11/13/13)

A Deeper Dive into Instructional Technologys (11/12/13)

Innovative Writing Pedagogies Beyond the Humanities (11/11/13)

CUNY Citizenship and Naturalization Project and Baruch/ International Student Service Center (11/8/13)

Nominations for the Presidential Excellence Awards for Distinguished Scholarship, Distinguished Teaching (full-time and adjunct), and Distinguished Service (11/7/13)

Multiple Position Reports - due November 22 (11/5/13)

Recommendations for honorary degree recipients and/or commencement speakers (11/5/13)

Business Fellowships Info Session (11/4/13)

Adopting Textbooks for Spring 2014 and Winter 2014 Classes - by Monday, November 11 (11/4/13)

Please help publicize this event to your students (11/4/13)

An important opportunity for all Baruch researchers who work with human subjects (11/4/13)

Faculty Development Roundtable: Assignment Design and Creativity - Considering the Role of Mistakes and Failures (10/31/13)

Informational Forum: CTL Faculty Fellows Program, Thursday, October 31 from 12:30-2pm in NVC 14-280 (10/29/13)

Information Session TOMORROW: Boren Awards for International Study (10/28/13)

Take a seat at our table and help us celebrate Baruch College's rich multicultural heritage (10/24/13)

Abraham J. Briloff Prizes in Ethics (10/22/13)

An Invitation for The Next Weissman Brown Bag  (10/22/13)

Request for Adjunct Faculty Participation (10/21/13)

Beethoven, Bernstein, and Dvorak@Baruch (10/19/13)

Baruch's Campus Intervention Team(CIT) (10/16/13)

Center for Teaching and Learning - Faculty Fellows Program (10/10/13)

LGBT History Month opens today (10/10/13)

Why the Research Block? A faculty roundtable - Wednesday, Oct. 16 12:30-2pm (10/9/13)

Concerning Commencement (10/1/13)

The Appointment of Marjorie Dorimé-Williams as Director of Academic Assessment (9/30/13)

Global Perspectives: Photography as History, Sociology, and Art -- current exhibition at Baruch's Mishkin Gallery (9/26/13)

Human Subject Research Compliance (9/25/13)

Two Upcoming Events from the Baruch College Volunteer Fair Committee  (9/24/13)

Supporting ESL Students' Oral Communication in the Classroom (A Faculty Development Roundtable Discussion)  (9/19/13)

Community Walk to promote suicide awareness and prevention (9/18/13)

A few reminders to all instructors (9/17/13)

An initiative for our students who are veterans (9/17/13)

Looking for Native English Speakers(students) (9/17/13)

Please certify your rosters: the eCertification period for Fall 2013 will begin on Wednesday, September 18 (9/16/13)

Services for Students with Disabilities (9/9/13)

Scheduling Final Examinations (9/5/13)

Baruch College is a Tobacco-Free Campus (9/5/13)

Workshops in Mapping with Geographic Information Systems (9/4/13)

Some upcoming features of the academic calendar for fall 2013 (9/3/13)

Task Force on Sustainability – Climate change resources for your classes (9/3/13)

technology upgrades in learning spaces across the campus   (8/28/13)

Take a seat at our table and help us celebrate Baruch College's rich multicultural heritage  (8/15/13)

Summer II and III WebGrading (August 15-25, 2013) (8/14/13)

academic integrity statements for your syllabi (8/14/13)

Supporting the Academic Success of Pregnant and Parenting Students (8/8/13)

Convocation announcement and invitation (7/9/13)

Summer 2013 Session I eCertification Memorandum (6/13/13)

FW: Summer workshops for online and hybrid instruction (6/6/13)

transitions between exams (5/22/13)

Sad News: the passing of Greg Price (5/22/13)

Baruch-Rubin Summer Planning Grant Announcement (5/22/13)

Baruch's new General Education website (5/21/13)

(Slightly) Revised Method of Submitting Grades for Spring 2013 (5/20/13)

Summer workshops for online and hybrid instruction (5/16/13)

Virtual Enterprise Conference, June 5-7 (5/16/13)

Final exams and grading - several items (spring 2013) (5/13/13)

Spring 2013 WebGrading (May 18-29, 2013) (5/10/13)

The Poetics of Lynching and the Flight from Racism: Dante, Allen Tate, and other Freedom Readers (5/9/13)


Conference: Jewish Arts and Identity in the Contemporary World (4/30/13)

Finals and Academic Integrity (4/29/13)

Faculty Roundtable: Preparing Students to Critique and Produce Media Effectively  (4/26/13)

Winners of the 2013 Presidential Excellence Awards for Distinguished Scholarship, Service, and Teaching (4/22/13)

Alexander String Quartet at Baruch: Mozart & Shostakovich (4/19/13)

What are you wearing at Commencement? The deadline is Monday, April 22 (4/17/13)

Roundtable Discussion: Blending of the Arts and Business for Better Pedagogy (4/15/13)

Supporting English Language Learners at Baruch - back by popular demand (4/12/13)

Shavuot (May 14-16) (4/12/13)

Upcoming programs for Asian Pacific-American Heritage Month  (4/11/13)

Helping Veterans on Baruch's Campus (4/8/13)

Supporting English Language Learners at Baruch - Tuesday, April 9, 12:30-2:00, NVC 14-267 (4/4/13)

Baruch's Campus Intervention Team (CIT) (4/2/13)

Help us help your ESL students (4/2/13)

Responding to Student Writing (3/20/13)

Commencement is fast approaching: order your faculty robes today! (3/20/13)

Academic services for students (3/19/13)

Abraham J. Briloff Prizes in Ethics (3/18/13)

Reminder and one postponement: Ethics Week 2013 - March 18-23 (3/18/13)

Ethics Week 2013 - March 18-23 (3/13/13)

Memorial Reception in Honor of Baruch History Professor Alfonso Quiroz (1956-2013) (3/13/13)

Midterms/Finals and Academic Integrity (3/12/13)

Workshop: U.S. Student Fulbright Program Information Session (3/8/13)

Aaron Silberman Concert Series - March 12: clarinet and piano (3/8/13)

Roundtable Discussion: Invention in the Classroom (3/6/13)

Movie Screening and Discussion for Women's History Month sponsored by the Office of Student Life (2/28/13)

Message from bookstore (2/25/13)

comments on student evaluations may now be submitted anonymously or signed (2/20/13)

Baruch's 48th Commencement Exercises (2/19/13)

eCertification for Spring 2013: February 19 - 27 (2/15/13)

comments sought on evaluation of courses and teaching at Baruch (2/14/13)

Revised Saturday class schedule for the remainder of the spring semester (2/13/13)

Scheduling Final Exams (2/4/13)

Due Feb 15: Submissions for the Briloff Prize in Ethics 2012-2013 (2/4/13)

A few reminders to all instructors (1/31/13)

Baruch College Rubin Museum of Art Conference (1/31/13)

Tools for Clear Speech Services for Baruch's ESL and Nonnative Students (1/29/13)

Services for Students with Disabilities  (1/29/13)

Some notes regarding grades (1/29/13)

Upcoming features of the academic calendar for spring 2013  (1/28/13)

Stephen P. Andrus Photographic Exhibition & Remembrance -- Thursday, February 7th (1/28/13)

academic integrity statement for your syllabi (1/24/13)

Ethics Week 2013 (March18-23)  (1/15/13)

Wake and Memorial for Prof. Alfonso Quiroz (1/3/13)

"The Art of Feedback," an online workshop, January 14-21 (1/2/13)

Textbook information (re. recent communication from the Bookstore) (12/20/12)

CUNY Program for Online/Hybrid Instruction: January workshop registration (12/14/12)

WebGrade will be opening at midnight Friday, December 14th (12/12/12)

Submitting student work to (12/10/12)

"Translation Matters," Lecture by Edith Grossman (12/10/12)

Responding to Student Writing  (12/3/12)

Final Examination Conflicts and Schedule (11/28/12)

Cancelled: Writing Pedagogy in the Science Classroom roundtable discussion (to be re-scheduled) (11/28/12)

Room assignments for Tuesday make-up classes (to be held this Sunday, December 2)  (11/27/12)

Nominations for the Presidential Excellence Awards for Distinguished Scholarship, Distinguished Teaching (full-time and adjunct), and Distinguished Service (11/26/12)

Roundtable Discussion: Writing Pedagogy in the Science Classroom   (11/26/12)


Invitation to Suggest Titles for the Fall 2013 Freshman Text  (11/19/12)

D&S storm coverage (11/15/12)

Schedule/Rooms for Monday classes meeting on Sunday, November 18 (11/15/12)

Naturalization Day (11/9/12)

3 upcoming events: Oral Presentation Assignment Design; Etgar Keret - The Real and the Imagined; 3D Printing and Making Across the Curriculum (11/9/12)

making up for lost time--online (11/8/12)

Baruch Means Schubert! (11/8/12)

ADDENDUM CLARIFICATION: Hurricane Sandy make-up days for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (11/8/12)

Make-up classes; Deadline for "W" withdrawal and Book List; Opening of Spring registration (11/6/12)

Multiple Position Reports (10/25/12)

three upcoming events (10/24/12)

Exploring ESL Challenges Oral and Written Communication (10/16/12)

An important announcement to faculty (10/9/12)

Multimedia and Blogging in the Classroom (10/3/12)

Briloff Prize in Ethics 2012-2013 (10/3/12)

If you have already certified your rosters, thank you. If not, please do so by 11:59pm tonight. (9/27/12)

Quantitative Reasoning National Numeracy Network (NNN) at Lehman and Macaulay, Oct. 12-13 (9/24/12)

Project REACH and Diversity Projects Development Fund (9/24/12)

Please certify your rosters: reminder--no classes tomorrow and Wednesday (9/24/12)

Nominations for Honorary Degrees - revised deadline (9/21/12)

Town Hall Meeting on the Strategic Plan: Thursday, September 27, 12:45-2:15, NVC 5-105 (9/19/12)

Provost's announcement regarding EMS FSA cheating allegations (9/19/12)

REMINDER: mandatory certification period began yesterday (9/19/12)

Human Subject Research Compliance (9/18/12)


Registration open for online teaching workshops (9/17/12)

A very important announcement for your students (9/13/12)

A few reminders to all instructors (9/12/12)

Important mandatory certification of Rosters coming next week (9/12/12)

Writing Center Updates - Fall2012 (9/7/12)

Upcoming Workshops: Blogs@Baruch and VOCAT (9/6/12)

Geographic Information Systems Workshops for Fall 2012 (9/4/12)

Cheating In An Online Environment How To Prevent, Detect, & Deter Dishonesty (8/31/12)

FW: Scheduling Final Examinations (8/29/12)

A Message from Interim Provost John Brenkman Concerning Commencement (8/29/12)

Some notes regarding grades (8/23/12)

Services for Students with Disabilities (8/23/12)

for your syllabi (8/22/12)

Upcoming features of the academic calendar for fall 2012 (8/14/12)

Application for the Baruch College Rubin Museum Faculty Fellows Program (8/2/12)

CUNY Upgrade to Blackboard 9.1 Status Update (8/2/12)

Summer II Attendance Certification (July30-August2) (7/30/12)

An Invitation to Convocation (7/18/12)

Summer 1 Web grade is open (7/16/12)

Summer I Attendance Certification (June25-28) (6/19/12)

CUNY Upgrade to Blackboard 9.1 June Status Update (6/14/12)

Pathways update (6/14/12)

Web Grade availability for Spring 2012 ends tonight! (5/29/12)

Faculty opportunities in Brazil (5/21/12)

CUNY Upgrade to Blackboard 9.1 Status Update (5/17/12)

Thinking About Civic Engagement at a Metropolitan Public University (5/8/12)

Nominate your students' strongest writing for publication in i Magazine (5/7/12)

.Final exams and grading- several items (spring2012) (4/30/12)

Annual D&S event -- a May 1 Roundtable on the future of journalism (4/25/12)

lecture announcement (4/25/12)

Inaugural Lecture of Professor Ana Yolanda-Ramos Zayas- May1 (4/23/12)

The String Quartets of Béla Bartók (4/20/12)

There is such a thing as a free lunch (4/20/12)

Freshman Text for Fall 2012 (4/19/12)

Faculty Support Opportunities under the Rubin Foundation Grant (4/18/12)

Baruch College Jewish Studies Center Event, April 25 (4/16/12)

Effective & Dynamic Assignment Design Workshop (4/16/12)

FREE Reading of Miss Julie by August Strindberg at Baruch PAC (3/29/12)

Direct from CUBA: Omni Zona Franca Hip Hop Collective- Upcoming event co-sponsored by BHS, MLCL and SOC/ANT (3/22/12)

Publishing Technology and the Future of the Academy- 3/29 at 6 pm (3/20/12)

Call for Proposals Valentin Lizana y Parrague grants for AY 2012-13 (3/19/12)

CUNY's Annual Conference of CUE (Coordinated Undergraduate Education) and RFP (3/19/12)

Some notes regarding grades (3/16/12)

Ethics Week 2012 (3/14/12)

Tenth Annual Faculty Recognition Ceremony- Monday 3/26 at 4pm (3/14/12)

Screening of film "A Better Life" at Baruch College on March 23rd (3/13/12)

Commencement is Wednesday May 30. Please RSVP your attendance and order your cap and gowns now. (3/13/12)

ESL Roundtable (3/12/12)

Director of the Baruch College Honors Programs (3/8/12)

Scheduling Final Examinations (3/8/12)

Research Ethics Forum and Ethics Week 2012 (3/7/12)

Muslims in the News Media: Is the Coverage Fair? (2/27/12)

Campus Intervention Team- anticipating and addressing student crisis situations (2/24/12)

Digital Citizenship (2/23/12)

Please Read: Core Curriculum Changes for our Undergraduates (2/22/12)

Reminder: Spring 2012 Attendance Certification (2/22/12)

Services for Students with Disabilities (2/22/12)

Commencement-Wednesday, May 30th (2/22/12)

Journeys Through Nepal and India-an evening of poetry and photographs (2/21/12)

Don't Leave Trash Behind-Take It With You! (2/16/12)

Seminar-Assessment of Hybrid and Online Courses (2/15/12)

REMINDER: Monday 2/20 and Tuesday 2/21 (2/14/12)


A few reminders to all instructors (2/7/12)

Seeking Nominations for the Presidential Excellence Awards (2/3/12)

Upcoming Spring 2012 Attendance Certification (2/3/12)


Services for Students with Disabilities (1/31/12)

From Provost James McCarthy (1/30/12)

Elections to Committees of the General Faculty (1/27/12)

Writing Center Updates Spring 2012 (1/20/12)

Eugene Lang Program fellowships for tenure-track junior faculty (1/17/12)

A gentle reminder: webgrade will be open until 11:59pm on Jan2 (12/28/11)

Pathways in the Chronicle(part 2) (12/22/11)

Children on Campus (12/22/11)

Nominate student writing for publication in i Magazine  (12/20/11)

Pathways in the Chronicle  (12/16/11)

Webgrade opens at 12:01am tonight (12/14/11)

Climate Change Fellowship Progam  (12/9/11)

Honorary Degrees 2012 (12/9/11)

“Put down the red pen! Grading and commenting on student writing”  (12/5/11)

From Provost McCarthy: Futher on Friday Classes (12/1/11)

 Invitation to Suggest Titles for the Fall 2012 Freshman Text(11/29/11)       

Final exam schedule and "conflict exams" (11/29/11)

UFS Conference at Baruch December 9th  (11/19/11)

Nominations for the 2012 Presidential Excellence Awards (11/14/11)

Science/Arts Symposium at Baruch College (11/11/11)

Everyday speaking and writing workshop (11/10/11)

January certification program for online/hybrid instruction (11/9/11)


Reminder: DIY Web Radio for Teaching and Learning (10/18/11)

From the Baruch College Task Force on Sustainability (10/17/11)

Memorial Service for Regina Goodman (10/14/11)

3 Upcoming Faculty Development Events (10/12/11)

Memorial Service for Thomas McCarthy (10/6/11)

Bookstore Announcement re: Returns to Publishers (10/4/11)

Art Spiegelman Speaks: MetaMaus (10/4/11)

Innovative Pedagogies for the Future of Higher Education (10/3/11)

Student Video Competition: 2011 NYC Financial Awareness (9/28/11)

Important message to members of the faculty teaching Fall 2011 classes (9/16/11)

PSC Travel for Faculty and Staff (9/9/11)

Corrected link AND Items for fall 2011 (9/6/11)

Scheduling Final Examinations (9/6/11)

Services for Students with Disabilities (9/6/11)

CUNY Town Hall Meeting: Human Research Protection Programs & Institutional Review Boards at CUNY (8/31/11)

A few reminders to all instructors (8/31/11)

Writing Center Updates Fall 2011 (8/30/11)

Irene Make-up Day (8/30/11)

Classes Canceled and - new grid explained (8/29/11)

Weekend Classes at Baruch College Postponed (8/26/11)

Recycling Initiative in the NVC (8/25/11)

Harvard Business Review (8/23/11)

Important information for faculty (Fall 2011) (8/23/11)

CUNY Housing: 5 Faculty Apartments Left to lease - 165 E. 118th Street (6/22/11)