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General Contact Information

Phone: 646-660-6500

Fax: 646-660-6501


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Office of the Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Baruch College/CUNY

One Bernard Baruch Way
Box D-701

New York, NY 10010-5585

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Administrative Center

135 East 22nd Street, 7th Floor

Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Academic Administration


The Office of Academic Administration reports to the Associate Provost for Academic Administration and Faculty Development and is responsible for stewarding all academic personnel and budget matters as well as faculty recruitment, faculty and staff workload, staff and teaching load.

Aurea (Abby) Santana, Director of Academic Administration
As Director of Academic Administration, Ms. Santana works closely with the three schools and the Independent Unit in monitoring, managing, and preparing all materials for the academic personnel process. Ms. Santana oversees the preparation of all materials for the College Personnel and Budget Committee, which is chaired by the President. The committee reviews all faculty appointments, reappointments, re-appointments with tenure, faculty promotions, distinguish professor nominations as well as faculty applications for different types of leaves. Ms. Santana is the college's Workload and Staff and Teaching Load Coordinator. She also coordinates both academic appeals committees for the Provost's Office. Ms. Santana is the liaison with the three schools for the academic submissions to the Chancellor's and University Reports.

M.A., Baruch College
B.B.A., Baruch College

Phone: 646 660-6530

Maria Burgos, Faculty Workload and Systems Manager
Ms. Burgos assists the Director of Academic Administration with Academic Personnel, Faculty Workload and Staff and Teaching Load. Her duties are to review and compare department teaching schedules with CUNYFirst information; to interface with the Registrar's Office to ensure consistency and to work with the Registrar's Office, the Deans' Offices and Graduate Center to resolve any inconsistencies. Ms Burgos maintains the fulltime faculty database that is used to track teaching, research and administrative duties. She prepares faculty workload forms for review and revision to all academic departments. Her other responsibilities include verifying and recording staff and teaching load and workload data for full time faculty. She verifies the part-time faculty teaching information in CUNYFirst and works with Human Resources to resolve any discrepancies. She collaborates with the Director of Academic Administration and other staff with Academic Appeals Committees. Ms. Burgos also assists with the preparation of new faculty orientation materials, reports on faculty activities and any other requests on faculty information for the Provost, President and University offices.


B.A., City College of New York

Phone: 646-660-6530


(POSITION VACANT), Coordinator of Academic Administration
The Coordinator assists the Director of Academic Administration in preparing all materials for the academic personnel process. Their duties include preparation of all hard-copy and electronic materials for the College Personnel and Budget Committee. They also assist the Director of Academic Administration in the appeals and external review processes.  They edit the Chancellor's University Report prior to its submission to the Central Office. They also assist the Associate Provost in scheduling monthly meetings and mainting his calendar.


Baruch College
Academic Administration
1 Baruch Way, B4-230
New York, NY 10010

Fax: 646-660-6531