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Procurement Services

Duplicating Services


To delineate appropriate use of the College’s Faculty Services Office in Room 1-165 in the vertical campus and appropriate guidelines for outsourcing of reprographic requirements


  1. Duplicating equipment provided on the College campus in both the Central Duplicating Office and in individual departments is provided to facilitate the educational, research and operational functions of the College.
  2. Requests for duplicating services provided by the Central Duplicating Office requires the approval of the appropriate Department Chair or Director of a Department within the College. Appropriate forms for requesting service are available from the Duplicating Office.
  3. Requests for reproduction of Midterm Examinations and Final Exams will be given first priority.
  4. Requirements for the reproduction of teaching aids and classroom handouts will be accommodated when more than twenty copies are needed and the length of the original document does not exceed ten pages.   Shorter runs should be submitted to Department Chairs for reproduction at walk-up machines available in all academic and administrative departments.  
  5. Book length reproduction requests and all requests for reproduction of a document of more than ten pages for classroom distribution should be submitted to the appropriate Dean for consideration of some more appropriate means of distribution, including electronic requisition or outsourcing.
  6. Copyright infringement laws must be complied with and will be strictly enforced.   The Duplicating Office can assist with information regarding copyright issues, as required.