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Procurement Services

Bidding Requirements   


To delineate policies and procedures mandated by the CUNY Board of Trustees and the Office of the State Comptroller regarding the procurement of goods and services through solicitation of bids and contract awards.   Policies and procedures followed are in compliance with State Education Law #6218.


  1. Official bid solicitations, when required, must be generated by the Purchasing Department. While it is acceptable for Requisitioners to request informal written proposals, published price lists, and/or faxed/telephone quotations from prospective vendors, when warranted for purposes of budget planning, such quotations are not recognized as official offerings to the College and cannot be substituted for bids solicited through the formal processes mandated by the CUNY Board of Trustees and the State of New York. When a procurement is for less than $5,000, informal faxed or emailed quotations may be accepted by departments and forwarded to Purchasing for review PRIOR TO THE ISSUANCE OF A P.O. by Purchasing.
  2. The Purchasing Department requires submission of a requisition whether electronic or manual, reviewed and pre-encumbered by the Budget Office, prior to commencement of any official bid solicitation. Purchasing reviews each requisition received, and determines the appropriate method of procurement.
  3. Each requisition is evaluated to determine if an existing contract can be used. Use of such a contract precludes bidding. The purchasing Department is authorized to use any current State of New York, Government Services Administration (GSA), City of New York, Board of Education and/or State approved “Preferred Source” contract.
  4. If no existing contract is available, one of the following options will be selected by the Purchasing Department:
    1. Purchases under $5,000. No written bids are required. However, the Purchasing Department is still charged with the responsibility of determining reasonableness of price. This may be determined by obtaining (a) a letter from the selected vendor indicating any discount offered off published list pricing, (b) faxed bids (at least two), (c) telephone quotes (at least two) or (d) reference to earlier bids obtained within the past three months.
    2. Purchases between $5,000 and $20,000. An “Invitation to Bid” document is prepared by the Purchasing Department. This is sent to at least five qualified bidders. An official bid opening date and time is specified, and bidders are afforded a minimum of ten days to respond. A public bid opening is held in the Purchasing Department, and an award is made to the responsive and responsible vendor offering the lowest bid.
    3. Purchases in excess of $20,000. A “Formal Bid” document is usually prepared in consultation with CUNY’s Office of Legal Affairs. The bidding opportunity is advertised in the New York State Contract Reporter. A public bid opening is conducted at the appropriate time, and an award is made. Appropriate documents are signed by the awardee. When appropriate, these documents are then forwarded to the Office of the State Comptroller for final review. Once an approved copy of the contract is returned to the College’s Purchasing Department, the awardee is notified that delivery of goods and/or services may commence.