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Robin Root

 Robin RootRobin Root, MPH, PhD is a Professor with the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Root is an expert in the areas of medical anthropology and global public health. She is available to comment on:

— Perception of HIV/AIDS worldwide
— Designing and implementing HIV/AIDS programs
— Illness-related stigmas
— Physician-patient interactions
— Faith-based organizations and HIV/AIDS
— Health and illness among overseas factory workers

Professor Root's current research in southern Africa explores the roles of religion (Christianity), gender, and poverty on aspects of HIV/AIDS in order to strengthen community mobilization and health programming. As a Fulbright Scholar in Malaysia, Dr. Root previously conducted ethnographic research inside factories and around export processing zones to investigate aspects of globalization, Islam, HIV/AIDS, and the health of factory women.

Prior to arriving at Baruch College, Dr. Root served in a number of international health and marketing research capacities. With a team of physicians and senior executives at a health care research firm, she helped to develop ‘Best Practices’ publications in the United States. At Harvard Business School, she co-authored case studies on business and marketing in the Middle East; and as a Visiting Scholar at New York University, she helped launch an initiative to strengthen multidisciplinary HIV/AIDS research between universities in New York City and South Africa. In addition to her academic endeavors, Dr. Root served as co-chair of the Committee for Human Rights for the American Anthropological Association, where she helped to establish a taskforce on Health & Human Rights.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (BA, MA, Chinese Studies); Harvard University (MPH, Population and International Health); and the University of California at Los Angeles (PhD, Cultural and Medical Anthropology), Professor Root joined Baruch College, City University of New York, in 2004.



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