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Members of the media who have questions about Baruch College or wish to speak with a subject matter expert should contact the Office of Communications and Marketing:

Suzanne Bronski. 646-660-6093. Email:


Media & Communications Subject Matter Experts

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Katherine Behar
Subject Matter Expertise: new media use (web, video digital photography and animation) in art; multimedia performance art; junk culture and consumerism
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Roslyn Bernstein
Subject Matter Expertise: New York City arts history, real estate pertaining to SoHo, NoHo, Tribeca and the East Village, funding for the arts and nonprofit organizations
Also Fluent in: Hebrew
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David Birdsell
Subject Matter Expertise: political debating; local, national and international politics and political figures; politics in the media; leadership and governance in nonprofit organizations
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Bridgett Davis

Bridgett Davis
Subject Matter Expertise: the future of journalism, blogging and social media, reporting on the arts, resurgence of short film as an art form, non-fiction versus fiction controversy, trends in African-American and African literature
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Bridgett Davis

Andrea Gabor
Subject Matter Expertise:
private sector influence on K-12 Education Reform; the role of technology in the classroom; quality management of auto, consumer and electronics industries; the role of women in the workplace and how they balance work and family life; other workplace issues, including pay incentives, performance appraisals, and labor force management

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Eric Gander
Subject Matter Expertise: political campaigns and candidate debates, public argument on scientific issues, public argument on free speech issues
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Christopher Hallowell
Subject Matter Expertise: political, economic, and social issues surrounding environmental conflict; NYC environmental issues; coastal issues; nature as therapy; changing attitudes towards environment; writing about nature and the environment; nonfiction narrative writing
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Ted Henken
Subject Matter Expertise: social media and Internet use in Cuba; economic reforms in Cuba; and race and ethnic relations in Cuba
Also Fluent in: Spanish
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David Hoffman
Subject Matter Expertise: NYC Mayoral rhetoric from the mid 20th century to the present; computerized textual analysis of speeches; democratic deliberation; decision-making processes about the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site; communication strategy in public service campaigns; the impact of media messages on the public; rhetorical theory and criticism; the role of ethos/creditability in speech; Thomas Paine and the influence of his religious views
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Josh Mills
Subject Matter Expertise: the media business, international trade, coverage of taxation and tax policy issues and economics, the business of sports, the business of culture
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Geanne Belton
Subject Matter Expertise: news, digital and media literacy education; legal rights and responsibilities related to news gathering and publication; high quality journalism in society
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