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Members of the media who have questions about Baruch College or wish to speak with a subject matter expert should contact the Office of Communications and Marketing:

Mercedes Sanchez:
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Government & Nonprofits Subject Matter Experts

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Thomas Main
Subject Matter Expertise: welfare and social policy, urban politics, homelessness
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Nicole P. Marwell

Nicole P. Marwell
Subject Matter Expertise: urban development, nonprofit organizations, local and state politics, Latino communities
Also Fluent in: Spanish
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Jack S. Nyman
Subject Matter Expertise: real estate; sustainability; affordable housing; community development; smart cities; nonprofits
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E.S. Savas
Subject Matter Expertise: managing city governments and municipal services; privatization of state-owned enterprises and assets; outsourcing, vouchers, and public/private partnerships for infrastructure and for social programs
Also Fluent in: Greek
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Edward Sermier
Subject Matter Expertise: nonprofit financial planning and management;
management of government agencies
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Daniel Williams
Subject Matter Expertise: forecasting, ethics in government and nonprofit organizations, history and theory of public administration, performance of government or nonprofits, government budgeting
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Na Yin
Subject Matter Expertise: disability and retirement policy regulations, social security programs and Medicare policies, the economics of aging
Also Fluent in: Chinese (Mandarin)
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