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David Luna

David LunaDavid Luna is Professor of Marketing at Baruch College. He is available to comment on:

— multicultural marketing and consumers
— the role of language in communications with multicultural markets
— the influence of language on consumers’ memory and attitudes toward a brand

Luna’s work has been published in academic journals like the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and the Journal of Advertising.

Luna’s research has also been published in several books, including chapters in Brick and Mortar Shopping in the 21st Century; Diversity in Advertising; Online Consumer Psychology: Understanding and Influencing Behavior in the Virtual World; Psycholinguistic Phenomena in Marketing Communications, and Persuasive Imagery: A Consumer Response Perspective.

He holds a Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, an M.B.A. from Marquette University, and a B.A. in philosophy and business administration from Lakeland College.

Suzanne Bronski, 646-660-6093,