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Christopher Hallowell

HallowellChristopher Hallowell, Professor in the Department of Journalism at the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, is an expert in the areas of science and environmental journalism. He is available to comment on:

— Political, economic, and social issues surrounding environmental conflict
— NYC environmental issues, specifically pertaining to water supply and ecological health of  NYC Harbor
— Coastal issues: shoreline development, wetlands, rising sea levels
—  Nature as an innovative therapy for mental health issues
— Changing attitudes towards the environment over the past century
— Writing about nature and the environment
— Nonfiction narrative writing

Having worked on staff as an environmental or science editor for numerous publications, Professor Hallowell has reported from areas in the United States, Peru, Panama, the South Pacific and East Africa and contributed articles to Time, The New York Times Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, Natural History, The American Scholar, Geo, and Audubon. Currently, he is conducting research on an archaeological site in the Peruvian jungle for a book he is engaged in writing.

 Professor Hallowell is also the author of six books that explore scientific and environmental issues, including “Growing Old, Staying Young,” about gerontological research and “Listening to Earth,” about the environment and social and cultural issues.  His best known book, Holding Back the Sea, focuses on the devastation of the Gulf of Mexico wetlands and was praised by scientists, environmentalists, policy makers and critics. He is also a frequent speaker on general wetlands and coastal issues.

Professor Hallowell is the former director of undergraduate journalism at Baruch College. He earned a BA in English Literature from Harvard University and an MS in Journalism from Columbia University.


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