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Office of the President

Strategic Goals

Baruch College has made major strides in the last decade achieving significant academic success, rising in national recognition, and launching forward-looking new academic degree programs. Today it is a magnet for top-notch prospective students and faculty. As the College looks ahead to continued growth and achievement, President Wallerstein outlined five key goals in the Strategic Plan 2013-2018. In addition he set five related aspirational goals in his 2015 State of the College address.

Enrich and Expand Academic Programs

Zicklin's reputation and centrality to the college are increasingly comlemented by Weissman's emergence as a high-quality liberal arts school and SPA's growing profile in government and the nonprofit sector.

Enhance the Academic and Co-Curricular Experience

Access and excellence will remain the keystone of the College's mission as we attract academically strong students, expand advising and tutoring, and increase Learning Communities.

Deepen Engagement with the World Outside the Campus

The hallmark of a Baruch education will be a global perspective on world afairs and critical awareness of the political and ethical issues of the day.

Establish Effective College-Wide coordination and Collaboration

Achieving the strategic goals requires the College to become a friendlier, more transparent, and more inviting place to study and work.

Strengthen Financial Foundation and Infrasctructure

As public funding fails to keep pace with the needs and aspirations of public universities, the College will need to generate significant new resources through revenue-producing initiatives, contract research and public-private partnerships, sponsored research, and new master's programs as well as vigorous ongoing fundraising and alumni support.

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