Message From The President - Baruch College

December 14, 2012

Announcement of David Birdsell’s Appointment

To:  Baruch College Faculty and Staff

I am pleased to report that the new Baruch College Strategic Plan—2013-2018 has been completed and will be available shortly both on-line and in hard copy.  One of the major findings of the Plan is that there is an urgent need to modernize and streamline the internal administrative practices of the College, many of which have remained unchanged for decades.  Baruch is, however, a far different institution, in terms of both the size of its student body and quality of its academic programs, than it was a mere decade ago.  As a result, the service quality expectations of our students, and the administrative demands placed on the staff, have increased enormously.  I am pleased that the Strategic Planning Committee, under the leadership of Interim Provost John Brenkman and Interim Zicklin Dean Myung-Soo Lee, has identified this as a priority in the new Plan, and we will be devoting considerable attention to improving institutional effectiveness throughout 2013 and on an ongoing basis thereafter.

In order to address these matters in a systematic fashion, I have asked Dean David Birdsell to assume a second set of duties as Special Assistant to the President for Institutional Effectiveness.  In this new role, Dr. Birdsell will lead the effort to analyze the major institutional bottlenecks and process problems that often prevent us from delivering efficient, timely and high quality service, whether to our students or to each other.  Many of these problems are obvious and widely known; while others may be more complex and less well understood.  In his new role as Special Assistant to the President, which he will undertake concurrently with his ongoing duties as Dean of the School of Public Affairs, David Birdsell will be convening individual and small group meetings in the offices and departments across the entire College to do fact-finding, and he will be organizing some larger meetings as well.  I ask that all faculty and staff give Dr. Birdsell their full cooperation and strive to help him in whatever way possible to understand more fully the nature of the problems that we all confront on a regular basis.

I am convinced that the outcome of Dean Birdsell’s efforts, working closely with the entire faculty and staff, will be a better functioning and more modern institution, one in which it is easier to conduct business and deliver a better educational experience for our deserving students.


Mitchel B. Wallerstein
President, Baruch College


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