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March 20, 2014
TO: The Baruch College Community
FROM: President Mitchel Wallerstein

Re: Academic Year 2013-2014 Sexual Harassment Policy

The University's "Revised Policy Against Sexual Harassment" and the "Revised Procedures for Implementation of the Policy Against Sexual Harassment" have been in effect since their adoption on November 29, 2004, by the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York. It is important that the College community periodically review this policy. I call your attention to Section G (Procedures) of the Policy which states that: "each dean, director, department chairperson, executive officer, administrator, or other person with supervisory responsibility shall be required to report any complaint of sexual harassment to the individual or individuals designated in the procedures. All members of the University community are required to cooperate in any investigation of a sexual harassment complaint." The complete policy can be found on CUNY's Web site.
In compliance with the policy, the Chief Diversity Officer's Office is appointed to investigate complaints and report their findings to the College president for disposition. Members of the Sexual Harassment Awareness and Intake Committee are responsible for receiving any complaints of sexual harassment from faculty, staff, and students, which shall be referred to the Chief Diversity Officer or the Officer's designee. Listed below are the names, departments, and telephone numbers for each member of the Sexual Harassment Awareness and Intake Committee, led by the Chief Diversity Officer.
Richard Orbé-Austin, Interim Chief Diversity Officer, (646) 312-4542,
Shadia Sachedina, Sexual Harassment Awareness and Intake Committee, Office of the Vice President for Student Development, (646) 312-4570
Michele Epstein, Chair, Sexual Harassment Awareness and Intake Committee, BCTC, (646) 312-1040
Frank Antonucci, Campus Facilities/Operations, (646) 660-6037
Angelina Delgado, School of Public Affairs, (646) 660-6827
Sabina Richards, Human Resources (646) 660-6626
The Sexual Harassment Awareness and Intake Committee, under the auspice of the Chief Diversity Officer, will continue to educate the College community about sexual harassment through workshop presentations and printed materials.
Thank you for your attention to this important matter.
Mitchel B. Wallerstein
President, Baruch College
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