Message From The President - Baruch College

January 28, 2013

Dear Faculty and Staff,

I look forward to a great semester as we welcome back our students today. I am pleased to report that we used the January break to great benefit. Along with getting the facilities ready and gathering the staff for an unprecedented, All-Hands meeting, we also put the finishing touches on the new pedestrian plaza on 25th Street.

The Interim Plaza we’ve created ushers in a new era at Baruch College. Even as we work on the plans for the Permanent Plaza in the next year or so, we now have, at long last, an outdoor gathering place, which provides a respite from the daily hustle and bustle of New York City life. I hope you all take time to use and appreciate the new space and use it to engage each other—and your students.

I also want to remind you that, in addition to the CUNY Tobacco-Free Campus we've created around our buildings, the fact that 25th Street is now a pedestrian plaza means that it is a no smoking area, as per New York City rules and regulations for plazas. We ask that you please respect your colleagues and the local community by not smoking anywhere on this block of 25th Street. Signs will be put up in the coming weeks by the NYC Department of Transportation noting this smoking policy.

As you know, the Strategic Plan 2013-2018 was finalized in December and is now available online. The staff and administration of the college were hard at work in January planning how to put in place processes integral to the strategic plan. As I noted above, we started with an All-Hands staff meeting on January 18th in Mason Hall. It was both a celebration of all that has been accomplished and a strategy-building exercise for what still needs to be addressed, as laid out in our new Plan. Dean David Birdsell, Chief of Staff Mary Gorman and many others worked to make this meeting informative, productive, and even fun. Members of the faculty may be interested in watching the video that was produced for the meeting.  It contains interesting—and often moving—comments and observations by a widely divergent representation of Baruch College staff about how they view their work at the College and the pride they have in the institution.  The video will be online soon, and I think you will share the pride that I feel in our colleagues’ commitment to Baruch when you watch it.

Welcome back to campus, and I wish you a most successful spring semester!

Mitchel B. Wallerstein

President, Baruch College



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