Message From The President - Baruch College

January 7, 2013

Dear Members of the Baruch College Staff,

In just a few days, we will release the final version of the Baruch College Strategic Plan—2013-2018, which will guide our efforts for the next five years.  A new strategic plan is an important event in the life of any academic institution, and I am very excited about this one.  It commits us to improving on the existing strengths of our students and faculty.  It sketches an ambitious effort to internationalize the student experience at Baruch through new recruitment efforts, exchange programs and curricular innovations. It sets new goals for online education and executive programs for senior professionals.  It also renews our commitment, long a distinguishing characteristic of this College, to engage effectively with the communities in New York that we serve.

The goals are lofty but achievable; and if there is anything I’ve learned about this College in the 2 1/2 years that I have been here, it is that the Baruch staff have repeatedly proven themselves capable of great things.  In a very few years, Baruch has gone from an open admissions program, whose greatest challenge was keeping academically underprepared students enrolled through graduation, to one of the leading colleges in the Northeast with the highest graduation rates in the nation for students of modest means.  More remarkably, confronted with the worst recession since the Great Depression and the budget cuts that came along with it, the Baruch staff pulled together not only to maintain, but to also improve on, these outcomes while also sustaining the College’s historically high levels of diversity.  It is a remarkable set of achievements that gives me every confidence that we can embrace and attain our new strategic goals.

Everyone at the College has a role to play. And it is for this reason that I am taking the unprecedented step of convening, on January 18, the first ever “All Hands” meeting of the College’s staff.  I am asking ALL Baruch non-faculty employees to assemble from 10:00-noon in Mason Hall. College offices will suspend operations during that period to allow all staff to participate.  And I really do want everyone there.  It is important that every person who works at the College learns about and is prepared to contribute to the goals of the Baruch College Strategic Plan—2013-2018. This meeting will start us off on the right foot: together.

I look forward to seeing you in Mason Hall on the January 18th.  


Mitchel B. Wallerstein


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