Message From The President - Baruch College

January 25, 2017

Greeting Spring 2017 with Great News

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

As we get ready for the Spring 2017 semester, I wanted to share with you some terrific coverage that Baruch College received in last week’s New York Times Sunday Review section. An article titled “America’s Great Working-Class Colleges” reported on a longitudinal study that tracked students “from nearly every college in the country (including those who did not graduate), measuring their earnings years after they left campus.”

The study reported that CUNY propelled six times as many low-income students into the middle class and beyond as all the Ivy League schools, plus Duke, Chicago, MIT, and Stanford, combined. Baruch had the highest percentage (79 percent) of all the CUNY colleges of students moving from the lowest-income quintile to the top three quintiles—meaning that 79 percent of Baruch students who entered Baruch in the lowest-income quintile ended up, after graduation, in the third or higher quintile. 

The article includes a “top 10” list of schools for upward mobility, and our own analysis of six-year graduation rates among those schools (using publicly available data) shows that Baruch ranks #2 for graduating students within six years, below only the University of California at Irvine. The Times also mentioned Baruch in two other related articles; links to those, along with our social mobility rankings and an article with videos of our students can be found on the Social Mobility at Baruch webpage.

In a separate analysis, The Chronicle of Higher Education also recently reported that Baruch College is now the third most selective public institution of higher education in the country, behind only UC Berkley (#1) and UCLA (#2).  

There is, therefore, much to be proud of at the College as we begin the new semester. We continue to offer access to academic excellence at a highly affordable price point, with outstanding results for our students! All of you play a part in—or benefit from—this success. I encourage you to read the New York Times articles and share them widely.


Mitchel B. Wallerstein
President, Baruch College