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Message From The President - Baruch College

March 15, 2011

Responding to Events in Japan

To: The Baruch College Community

As we all know from the news accounts over the past few days, Japan has suffered an almost unimaginable tragedy, due to the combined impact of one of the strongest earthquakes in recorded history, which was followed by an enormous tsunami that obliterated large sections of its eastern coast. And the tragic events are still unfolding, given that three nuclear power reactors are now in various stages of malfunction — and quite possibly, partial melt-down — resulting in the release of radiation. It is frustrating at times like these because we feel deeply for those affected, yet we are so far away and able to do so relatively little. Yet, we also know that many Baruch students, faculty, staff and alumni trace their ancestry to Japan and some continue to have family members, friends and colleagues in the affected areas. So act we must.

The Chancellor has appointed the new Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Frank Sanchez, as point person for a CUNY-wide response to this still-unfolding series of events. He will lead an effort to encourage contributions to assist the Japanese people through the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City. As part of this effort, I am also today announcing that Shadia Sachedina, Interim Director of Student Life, has agreed to serve as campus coordinator for Baruch; and in this capacity, she will also serve as the liaison to the committee that VC Sanchez is organizing.

I would also like to applaud the quick and highly responsive efforts that the Undergraduate Student Government has undertaken with its “HELP JAPAN” initiative. I am confident that the USG will work closely with Shadia in developing a coordinated Baruch response.


Mitchel Wallerstein
President, Baruch College