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Message From The President - Baruch College

February 28, 2011

Announcing the New Baruch College Homepage

To the Baruch College Community:

As you visit the Baruch College homepage today, you will notice it has a bright new look. Our website is our calling card to the world, and it often serves as the first point of entry for many different audiences and stakeholders. For example, it is used by current students and alumni, by prospective students and their parents who are considering Baruch for undergraduate studies, by the media, and by peer institutions and legislators and their staffs. In other words, our homepage is how we say “Welcome!” and how we characterize what we do and what makes us special. It is important for the College, therefore, that the website be up-to-date and current in its design. It is especially imperative to continually refresh our message to support the successful recruitment of prospective students.

I am excited about the new homepage design. I believe that, in addition to being much less dense and, therefore, more visually appealing, it captures the essence of Baruch College, its hard-working students, its outstanding faculty, and its dedicated staff. The new homepage features larger photos that convey our campus’s energy, as well as condensed messaging for less scrolling and more streamlined navigation to popular pages.

This redesign is also a good example of our strategy to maximize impact while minimizing expenditures. As you know, our College is operating with limited resources and so we have not commissioned a top-to-bottom redesign. Rather, we have started with the homepage and will revamp and redesign other pages on a rolling basis, as resources permit.

I would like to thank the many individuals who were involved in this re-design, representing the Office of Communications and Marketing, the Baruch Computing and Technology Center and the Office of Student Life; and especially Assistant Vice President Christina Latouf, who oversaw the process, and Vice President Ben Corpus, who made important inputs during the design stage. Many thanks to everyone who played a role. We hope you enjoy the new look!


Mitchel B. Wallerstein
President, Baruch College