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Founded in 1970, the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) is an institutional membership organization which exists to promote excellence in public service education. The membership includes U.S. university programs in public affairs, public policy, public administration and nonprofit management. Currently its institutional membership includes over 260 U.S. and Non- U.S. university programs in its constituent fields. The School of Public Affairs at Baruch College is accredited for its Masters of Public Administration by NASPAA through AY2014-2015.

Specifically, NASPAA accomplishes its purposes through direct services to its member institutions and by:

1. Developing appropriate standards for educational programs through its Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation;

2. Representing to governments and other institutions the objectives and needs of education for public affairs and administration;

3. Encouraging curriculum development and innovation and providing a forum for publication and discussion of education scholarship, practices, and issues;

4. Undertaking surveys that provide members and the public with information on key educational issues;

5. Meeting with employers to promote internship opportunities for students and employment for graduates;

6. Undertaking joint educational projects with other professional organizations;

7. Collaborating with institutes and schools of public administration in other countries through conferences, consortia, and joint projects.

The School of Public Affairs for the last five years has taken an active role in NASPAA through advice on the “Go Public” campaign and service to the Executive MPA Committee for NASPAA, which has been chaired by Dean David S. Birdsell and staffed by Angelina S. Delgado, Director of Operations.

For more information on Baruch College’s MPA program accreditation please visit