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Phone: 646-312-4305

Fax: 646-312-4306

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Newman Vertical Campus

Room 5-220

Office of Testing and Evaluation

Student Course and Faculty Evaluations - For Faculty

The City University of New York rules and regulations require that students be given the opportunity to evaluate the quality of instruction provided in each of their courses. The purpose of the Student Course and Faculty Evaluation is to provide a survey instrument for the collection of student feedback on the quality of instruction. This feedback is used as one of several methods of assessing teaching effectiveness when making personnel decisions regarding promotion, tenure, and merit pay.

The Student Course and Faculty Evaluation survey has several characteristics, which make it a useful assessment. First, it is applicable to a wide variety of instructional settings and focuses on dimensions of teaching performance that are generally acknowledged as being important. Second, the content of the questionnaire and certain aspects of the administration are standardized. Third, an instructor's scores on a global question can be compared with those of others teaching similar courses.

Student Course and Faculty Administration Instructions

Student Course and Faculty Evaluation packets are automatically provided to all departments each semester. Envelopes, forms and pencils are provided for all courses with enrollment of five or more, except for internships and independent study courses. The number of forms provided is based on the number of students registered in the course. Additional forms are provided when requested.

Once evaluation packets are received, departmental distributors should take the following steps:

  1. Verify that an evaluation packet was received for each course and section to be evaluated.
  2. Verify that the correct instructor is listed for each of the courses. If there are corrections needed, please contact the Office of Testing and Evaluation at 646 312-4308.
  3. Please do not photocopy forms. Photocopies cannot be scanned and processed. You may request additional forms from our office.
  4. Forms are computer scanned and therefore should not be folded or stapled.

Classroom Administration Instructions

The student Course and Faculty Evaluation should be administered during the evaluation period. The instructor should verify that the evaluation packet has the correct instructor's name and four-digit registration course code.

Students must complete the forms in class using #2 pencils.

The instructor must select a responsible proctor (student volunteer) to administer the instrument. The instructor should not be present during the survey administration.

The proctor should collect completed forms and place them in the appropriate scan and comment envelopes. Forms should not be folded or stapled. All unused forms and pencils must be included in the larger course evaluation envelope.

The envelopes should be sealed and the proctor should sign in the designated areas. The proctor should then place the sealed envelopes in the larger course evaluation envelope. This envelope must be placed in the evaluation boxes located at the security stations in the lobby of each building.

Forms will be scanned immediately after the end of the semester. Summary reports are sent to the Deans of each school, the departments and the instructors. Summary reports of Instructors who authorize the release of their data are provided to the Office of Student Life for posting onto the Baruch college website. The data is available as follows:

Fall Semester and January Intersession:   Mid February

Spring Sesmester:                                      End of June

Summer Sessions:                                      Mid September