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Israeli Day Parade

Israeli Parade
Photo Credit: Hiroko Masuike/Getty Images
The 2018 Parade will be held on Sunday, June 3rd.
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The Israeli Day Parade, also known as the "Celebrate Israel Parade", commemorates the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. The celebration takes place in late spring – early summer.

It all began in 1964, when thousands of people gathered together to walk down Riverside Drive to show their support for the young State of Israel. Over the years, the parade has evolved into the world's largest gathering in support of Israel and celebration of its people's spirit.

The Israeli Day Parade receives worldwide media coverage and draws nearly one million spectators. It proceeds rain or shine along Fifth Avenue, beginning on 57th Street and marching up to 79th. The entire route takes about 45 minutes to walk. The parade draws participants of all ages from Jewish schools, synagogues and various other organizations. It features thousands of costumed marchers representing public and private schools, Jewish and non-Jewish corporations, various organizations and institutions. Israeli community leaders, dignitaries, celebrities, marching bands and themed floats all contribute to the festive spirit of this event. Some of the decorative banners are made entirely by students. The most notable attractions of the latest parades included: shofar blowers (traditional ram's horn), street performers, clowns and jugglers, and scores of motorcycle riders bearing Israeli flags.

The "Salute to Israel Parade" is also an official marching band competition. Each band carries an identifying name banner and receives an official competition score from the nationally recognized band judges.

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