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Easter Parade

Easter Parade
Photo Credit: NY Daily News
The 2018 Parade will be held on Sunday, April 1st.
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  The NYC Easter Parade is a tradition that goes back to the mid 1880-s, when the city’s elite would attend services at one of several Fifth Avenue churches and show off their new fashion choices afterwards. Less fortunate New Yorkers would come out to see what the latest trends were for the wealthy. The parade also became a source of inspiration for the city’ s fashion savvy seamstresses, who were inspired by many of the useful new ideas displayed. In the days prior to television when only the wealthiest could afford to attend elaborate fashion shows, the Easter Parade was a combination of religious services and haute couture.

Fashion is still present in the modern day parades. However, the styles range from simply elegant to downright outrageous. Often outfits are accentuated with live animals, the latest in pet fashions, the most grotesque display of bonnets, civil war era costumes, and finally, the latest high fashion. It is a medley of styles, colors and fantasy. Still the parade is quite democratic in nature - you don’t need a special outfit to join in the fun. Observers and participants alike can simply step out and stroll down Fifth Avenue to enjoy the festivities.

The Easter Parade formally begins at 10am and continues through most of the day. It begins near St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 49th Street and goes up Fifth Avenue to 57th Street. The area is closed to traffic. People from around the world come to NYC to participate in this unique and extravagant event.

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