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New York City (NYC)
Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show


        Botanical Garden Train Show
Photo Credit: NY Botanical Garden
The 2018 Holiday Train Show will be held from November 17th - January 21st
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Every holiday season, from late November to mid January, the New York Botanical Garden launches a very special event – the famous Holiday Train Show. Haupt Conservatory becomes a place of holiday magic with model trains and trolleys running on 1,000 feet of winding tracks. The trains zoom over and around 140 scaled replicas of NYC’s most renowned landmarks, including the Empire State Building, Little Red Lighthouse, Guggenheim Museum, Yankee Stadium and the Statue of Liberty. The incredible replicas are a tribute to imagination and creativity of Paul Busse, a landscape designer, who made them out of plant parts as a botanical stage set for electric trains. However, the architectural wonders made of orange slices, cinnamon sticks, poppy pods, pine cones and other plant parts, became a magic of their own. A series of the city’s bridges span across the show’s central walkway: the George Washington Bridge (made from willow, bamboo and cedar bark), the Manhattan Bridge (oak, hickory and elm, with willow branches), Hell Gate Bridge (oak, red walnut and eastern red cedar) and the Brooklyn Bridge, whose arches are lined with sugar pine cone scales.

Every year, the show draws equally fascinated crowds of children and adults. Of course, some of the replicas are not very accurate and one can have fun guessing what they are before reading their name plates. But this is all part of the unique experience.

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