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Table 11.VI.D

New York City (NYC)
Long Island Railroad (LIRR) - Statistics

  LIRR Totals at a Glance*
Rail lines in Nassau and Suffolk counties and in NYC
  2014 Operating Budget
$1.8 Billion
  Annual Ridership
  Average Weekday Passengers
  Rail Lines
  Rail Cars
  Track Miles
  Rail Stations
  *Financial data as of January 1, 2014; Statistical data for year ending December 31, 2012.  

Long Island Railroad (LIRR)

  • The LIRR is both the largest commuter railroad and the oldest railroad in America operating under its original name.
  • Charted in 1834, it extends from three major NYC terminals: Penn Station, Flatbush Avenue, and Hunterspoint Avenue through a major transfer hub at Jamaica to the easternmost tip of Long Island.
  • Traditionally serving a Manhattan-bound market, the LIRR has undertaken extensive efforts to augment its reverse-commute and off-peak service to meet the needs of businesses in Nassau and Suffolk counties.
  • The railroad is modernizing its entire diesel fleet, with 23 new locomotives, 134 bi-level coaches replacing 50s era equipment, and 23 dual-mode locomotives that operate in both diesel and electrified territory, enabling customers to travel between Long Island and Manhattan without changing trains.


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